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Posts from ‘June, 2013’


Dear internet, Let me introduce to you “Climbs on furniture,” briefly known as Thing 1, and to be called Norathar for short (Nora for shortest). And let me also introduce her sister, “Get your teeth out of my toe dammit,” briefly known as Thing 2, and called Cawti for short. I can assure you that […]

So there are these kittens

By utter accident I have taken the best kitten picture ever. Those two nine-week-old sisters have been living here since yesterday afternoon. They spent about three minutes hiding behind the toilet, then three hours galloping back and forth across the living room. Shortly thereafter, this. They seem to be settling in well, don’t you think?

Closing tabs

The things, they have been building up: First ever (really?) prehistoric fashion show. I so hope photos end up online. Sixteen-bedroom Tuscan castle for sale. We could all chip in… What does a Renaissance man wear? from Midori Snyder. Writing fiction is a wonderful excuse to research anything. Mastercrafts: Learning to weave as reality television, […]