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Closing tabs

The things, they have been building up: First ever (really?) prehistoric fashion show. I so hope photos end up online. Sixteen-bedroom Tuscan castle for sale. We could all chip in… What does a Renaissance man wear? from Midori Snyder. Writing fiction is a wonderful excuse to research anything. Mastercrafts: Learning to weave as reality television, […]

Bored? No longer!

I’ve mentioned here before that the Metropolitan Museum of Art is making out-of-print publications available online. They keep adding nifty new things, and are up to 371. There’s something there for everyone, from armor to Chinese painting and modern art. But for you, my stringy friends, here are some of the most relevant: Textiles of […]

Weaving class May 25

Exciting news: the nearby town of Huntingdon, PA is trying to start a Fiber ArtsFest! It will be May 25, 2013, on the campus of Juniata College in Huntingdon. I’ll be teaching a four-hour tablet-weaving class in the afternoon, “Card Weaving for Anyone.” (I offered to send them a photo without the dangling threads, honest. […]


A while ago Laura commented on some of my Trygvi photos, and asked whether he really spent that much time upside-down. She didn’t remember Grendel as frequently inverted. Trygvi really does spend a remarkable amount of time with his feet up in the air, whether doing a headstand, or swimming the backstroke across the living […]



Friday flowers

Today is wet and dreary. I don’t know about you, but I could use a pick-me-up. I feel better already! I’d wanted squill in my lawn for several years, but hadn’t gotten around to planting them. Last fall I finally did. They’re only a couple inches high. The tiny blue buds appear first, on leaves […]

April feels like spring

It snowed here all through March and into the first week of April, interspersed with just enough sun and warmth to demonstrate what we were missing. But finally this weekend spring got its act together, with warm weather and sun, mixed with rainshowers. Yesterday’s 81F and severe thunderstorms were a bit disconcerting: we seem to […]

My favorites

Loch Ness monster revealed in medieval manuscript! Mjolnir found! A plea for Lancastrian punctuation. Did you spot anything particularly fun?


I’ve been repeating all week that March is fired, and I’m just giving it a couple of days to pack its bags and go. I’ve been repeating this, loudly, every time it starts snowing. But the crocuses are finally blooming! No photos, because it’s raining. Hey, at least it’s not snow. I’ll get some pictures […]

Spring and string

The snowdrops have been blooming for a couple weeks, and I saw the first tips of crocus on Wednesday, fittingly. Now if it would just stop snowing… An article yesterday talks about a well-preserved tunic that has melted out of a glacier in Norway: A pre-Viking woollen tunic found beside a thawing glacier in south […]