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Two quick links

Before I lose these: A very well preserved wool tunic from approximately 300CE was found in a melting glacier in Norway. Look at the photo gallery here, but ignore the text (“boat-neck sweater”). The find was published in Antiquity. I was going to just send this link on fore-edge painting of books to Laura, but […]


Textile papers: the Textile Society of America newsletters and symposium proceedings are online. There’s a huge range of articles here, on pretty much everything you could think of. I’d looked a long time ago for the Mendelschen Hausbook online and couldn’t find it. But I recently received a link to a collection of the plates, […]

Read me

Bored? Need something to read? I’ve got you covered. From Katrin, by way of Laura (thank you! I’m so behind on reading blogs right now.): free access to a whole bunch of German academic books through the end of August. If you find something interesting, please leave a comment: my poor German and I don’t […]

So much laundry

Pennsic was lovely, not too hot and not too wet. I went to a lot of meetings, led some weed walks, did some weaving. Nick insists that most people who need a bookmark don’t whip out their leftover yarn and weave one. I thought he was probably confused: of course people do that. So I […]


Linda Hendrickson has generously shared a video tour of her studio. She’s enormously more productive and better organized than I am; I may be a little bit jealous.

Having kittens

Means never having to brush your teeth alone. Or anything else, either, like comb your hair. Let alone sleep. They do sometimes go their own ways, mostly in the service of finding more trouble to get into. It’s a good thing they’re so cute. I mean, the boxer is starting to seem well-behaved by comparison.

Water everywhere

Some recent water adventures were bad. But now I’m prepared for the rest! Because I am an incompetent blogger, I wrote the above post on July 4 and never actually posted it. Since then I have demonstrated that the smaller kayak fits in my Forester just fine, so I can go out by myself any […]

Today’s Miscellany

I have a new tablet weaving gallery on Flickr. This medieval manuscript repaired with needle lace made me think of Laura, but I expect more of you are interested. I’ve added a Workshop and Classes listing to the tabs above. Nick sent me this lovely manuscript illumination. The boxer continues goofy. The kittens continue ferocious.


Dear internet, Let me introduce to you “Climbs on furniture,” briefly known as Thing 1, and to be called Norathar for short (Nora for shortest). And let me also introduce her sister, “Get your teeth out of my toe dammit,” briefly known as Thing 2, and called Cawti for short. I can assure you that […]

So there are these kittens

By utter accident I have taken the best kitten picture ever. Those two nine-week-old sisters have been living here since yesterday afternoon. They spent about three minutes hiding behind the toilet, then three hours galloping back and forth across the living room. Shortly thereafter, this. They seem to be settling in well, don’t you think?