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Posts from ‘November, 2012’

Endlessly entertaining

Boxer, on encountering snow for the first time. Wait. This is not right. Are you sure we should go out there? Really? Mom? Mom? Really? NOT RIGHT. *sticks snow in shrubbery* *snow falls on nose* *licks nose* *cautious advance out from under porch* Mom, you’re sure, right? Hey! Everything smells DIFFERENT! Mom, we need to […]

A new oath

I swear to serve the Kingdom, the Society, and the Arts to the best of my ability, now and always. Let me back up a step. This weekend was Fiber, Fabric and Fighting (and other things that start with F), an SCA event I helped start ten years ago. This is an SCA story, and […]

The wonderful and the ugly

The intersection between fiber arts and science (don’t forget the hovertext): Also interesting: new research on the Bayeux Tapestry. I’d like to read the original, as I’m not certain how deciding that the work was made by professional embroiderers means that it wasn’t made by nuns, or at several locations. [Doh! Added the link.] But […]


I taught a new class at Complex Weavers in late September, on edge finishes for woven textiles, both warp and weft. I thought I was going to get the bibliography cleaned up and posted weeks ago, but since that hasn’t happened yet, I’m going to just go ahead and post it as is. The class […]

A good week for the arts

Sometimes living in a college town is pretty good (remind me of that next home football game, would you). This week we saw Pilobolus Dance Troupe on Tuesday, and Bruce Springsteen on Thursday. You might not think they had anything in common, but both were wonderful high-energy shows. I hadn’t seen Pilobolus since I was […]

Oh so many things

We prepared thoroughly for Sandy, as it was predicted to run right over us with associated winds and heavy rain. The possibility of extended power outages, so we readied water, food, flashlights, solar chargers, all the goodies. But unlike points east, the storm was fairly trivial. The power only flickered, and while Penn State closed […]