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“Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!” Meet Trygvi. (Trygvi: from the Old Norse word for faithful, essentially the Viking version of Fido.) He’s a year-old boxer mix, more or less. He’s a rescue, so we don’t really know, but that’s what the vet thinks. We’ve had him for two and a half […]

More nettles

Thora mentioned the lack of scale on the nettle image from yesterday’s article, so I tracked down the original Nature Scientific Reports publication. It turns out that it is open access, so you all can enjoy it. There’s some neat information and nice images, with proper scale bars. Thanks for the impetus, Thora.

Bronze Age nettle cloth

Imported, no less, according to a nifty new analysis method. And there’s even a nice picture.

In the midst of chaos

Tomorrow is the last business day of the year for those who work for the US government. I’m not done with 2012 yet. I’ll be back in FY2013, with a bit more time for blogging and fiber arts. For a while anyway. I hope. Also with tales of Complex Weavers and other good things. Meanwhile… […]


I swear this is fiber (animal) related, but it sums up my day perfectly. Yes, both parts.

Not actually sucked into space

Just alternating “out of town” with “ferociously busy”. After the end of the month things will calm down considerably. Right? Before then, there’s Complex Weavers next week (say hi if you’ll be there), and a whole pile of end of year stuff for work. It may be September, but the garden is still going. Well-supervised, […]

You are here

My iPad is full of pictures. I should blog that. Click. The blogpeople should see this. Click. I want to show that off. Click. You see how successful that’s been. I’m once again horribly swamped, and traveling a lot as well. I intend to tell you about all these adventures in more detail, but in […]

I got nothing

Except a post-Pennsic cold and a huge pile of laundry that smells of woodsmoke.


Lunch today: peas, lettuce, tomatoes, blackberries and raspberries from the garden. Blueberries and bread from the CSA. Yum. And it’s supposed to rain today, which will make the garden happy.

Grow, little thing

I’m going to write about Peters Valley, but the internet at home has been erratic so it’s been impossible to upload many photos. (And if you have my home phone and tried to call, I haven’t gotten it, as the phone connection is even worse. Verizon might send someone out in a couple weeks if […]