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Posts from ‘November, 2011’

It’s curtains for you!

Pie. And local potatoes, and sweet potatoes, and squash. Chicken. Did I mention pie? Oh yes! I spent a day and a half making curtains. Nick’s mom is getting warm quilted custom curtains for Christmas, but even though it isn’t cold yet (ridiculously warm, in fact, for Pennsylvania in November) I didn’t want to wait […]

They’re everywhere

What have I been doing with my spare time? That. Or rather, I did some, then spent several weeks having problems with the cutter and trying to get the right supplies. I finally got everything working again, at least for now. The cutter is a fascinating and useful but exceedingly persnickety piece of equipment. All […]

Sprang resources

Does anyone have a copy of Sprang: Med arbeidsteikningar, by Anna Grostøl, published in Oslo in 1932? There are three copies in US libraries, but I thought someone in my readership might have access to it. I’d very much like to get my hands on a copy, if it actually contains useful diagrams.


This week’s photo scavenger hunt is all about the stripes. Please be impressed that I’m posting my photos only one day after the challenge was posted (and please ignore the fact that last week’s photos have not made it from Flickr to here yet). Something red and green The changing seasons are making it really […]