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Posts from ‘October, 2011’

The forecast says WHAT?

I did almost nothing this weekend. Except watch it snow. It’s a bit early for a substantial snowfall. It was a weird spring, a weird summer, and now a weird autumn. (Weird: it’s the new normal.) We didn’t get anything like the disaster that befell points east of here, but it just kept snowing. How […]

Black animals

Tamie points out that it is Thursday and I have not posted the photos from last week’s photo challenge. Clearly, I am defective. Let me remedy that. Not the defective part, I’m afraid, but here are last week’s photos. For black animal, it’s the ferocious monster himself. That’s not the dog’s water, it’s Morgan’s. But […]


This is lovely, and not at all surreal, just very scary. If you don’t have enough to read: Maney will be offering open access to all Archaeology & Heritage content from 24 October until 4 November. During this period we will be offering free, immediate, online access to all the articles. They are free for […]

If it’s Monday, this must be surreal

Always happy to help.


Sharon purchased a skein of dyed sock yarn from me, and she finished the socks last night! I love seeing the raw materials I’ve provided being turned into finished products, especially when they’re that lovely. I think it’s her second pair of socks, no less. I have a bit of dyeing to do, and a […]

Stringy goodness

I spent the day doing fiber arts stuff. I put some things away (wool, silk, cotton), got some things out, measured some things, cut some things, warped some things. While looking up the ends per inch of my yarn at Webs, I saw these terribly attractive pipe loom variations. Have any of you tried them? […]

Now with added destruction

After taking a couple of gray sodden photographs, I decided to save this week’s photo scavenger hunt for the weekend, when I would be at the farm with the good camera and able to spend some time working on it. I think it paid off: I really like a couple of these. I went out […]


We went down to the farm this weekend. I went out around sunrise yesterday with the camera. The trees glowed. More tomorrow, or you can see for yourself.

Round and round and round

Thursday morning I read Michelle’s photo challenge list, put fresh batteries into the little camera (brand new rechargeables, clearly marked precharged). You can guess what happened, right? I didn’t get a single picture out of those uncharged batteries. I eventually got them charged, and reinserted into the camera, and today was a surprise federal holiday […]