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Posts from ‘May, 2011’

Go Grand Rapids!

This is very impressive: a nine-minute continuous shot. Read more about it.

Random things and rain

It’s Friday. I have a long weekend. I will likely spend it working, since it’s TOO WET TO GARDEN. STILL. We dodged yesterday’s severe thunderstorms and incipient tornado, but still got minor thunderstorms and lots of rain. AGAIN. Forecast for the weekend: more of the same. See? Gray skies. This was one of the nicer […]


This is the first non-rainy day in what seems like weeks. I know two weeks ago we had several sunny days in a row, but I was in the office the whole time (like most of today, I’m afraid). Weekends: rainy. Evenings: rainy. I’m surprised my house isn’t engulfed in moss by now. I took […]

Swirling from the trees

Friday evening, sprawled on the couch with the cat, watching yet another thunderstorm roll in. The southeastern sky is dark, cloud on cloud in shades of gray and black. The western sky is clear, and the setting sun streams across the landscape, nearby trees picked out in high relief. Every time a gust of wind […]

York resources

I’m trying to knock off some of the easy things on my task list (procrastinating the big things by doing the little things: at least something gets done). One such small task is letting you know that the York Archaeological Trust is continuing to put out-of-print books online. The latest one: The Archaeology of York […]

Ah, May

I love this time of year. I get to plant things in the garden, the flowers are all blooming, and best of all, my 35,000-person town has suddenly shrunk by 40,000 people! It’s possible to get into restaurants, the roads aren’t so crowded, there are hardly any pedestrians on campus. Wonderful! The down-side of spring […]

My robot

I finally got the peas and lettuce and spinach planted a week and a half ago, far later than my usual third weekend in March. It’s been cool and wet here, not good gardening weather at all. But finally it seems to be turning into spring. The radishes and the lettuce are up. I may […]