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Posts from ‘January, 2011’

Fleas on rats

Isn’t that wonderful? And, unrelatedly (or is it?): I need this. For my office door at work, of course.

York goodies

The York Archaeological Trust, publisher of many excellent resources on Anglo-Scandinavian and medieval finds, has very generously made part of their back catalog available for free download. I’m very excited by this, as many of their books have been out of print for decades. I’m hoping that this is a trial program, and that if […]

Tuesday morning

Morgan and I are doing a bit of blogging this morning. (taken from the netbook’s camera to demonstrate the general way in which Morgan is helping) It’s 28F warmer than yesterday morning, but still cold enough that the cat wants to spend all his time glued to me and I’m having a hard time getting […]


Katrin posted some information on an Austrian find that includes textiles and even underwear. Renovations at Schloss Lengberg found all kinds of things stuffed inside a wall (actually a spandrel). There’s a brief write-up on the textiles in German (Google English translation) and a German PDF with more pictures. And now, if you’ll excuse me, […]

Medieval life

I got this from matociquala quite some time ago, and yet didn’t get it posted. They got a lot of things right; I only saw one thing that make me cringe. This article suggests that codpieces were a medical as well as fashion statement. It sounds like a “just so story” to me, but it […]

A veritable feast

The New Year started like this (and apologies to those who’ve seen this, but photos of dawn on 1/1 are rather indistinguishable). It continued with a great deal of cooking and eating. We’ve gotten together with Lynn and Charlie very nearly every New Year’s Day that we’ve been in the same state. This was the […]