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Posts from ‘October, 2010’

Live from the Pink Shamrock

This is very important. Please pay careful attention. This is not my cat. Neither of these are my cat. This is my cat, the one and only Ferocious Monster. Are we clear now? The ones in Pittsburgh are not Morgan. The one in Toronto is not Morgan. The one in Chicago is not Morgan, nor […]


My dyeing pictures from September are around here somewhere. Also the photos from Martha’s Vineyard, and of the central Pennsylvania October leaves. Let me distract you from their glaring absence with dairy products, and so much more:

Puzzle [solved already]

Regular readers know that I occasionally post a puzzle. People email me with photos of odd things, and I ask the textile HiveMind for help (and if you have a puzzler, please send it!). [This one was solved before I even got to post it, since I happened to mention this item to a friend […]

Something from the internet

Someday I will post my own stuff again… but meanwhile here’s something interesting. Silkworms engineered to produce spider silk If Spider-Man ever ran out of webs, he could now enlist an army of silkworms to spin extra high-tensile spider silk. Scientists have created a genetically modified silkworm that spins a new kind of silk: a […]


Thank you for your patience. Here’s your reward.

Testing take 2

I’m almost out of coffee, so you won’t be subjected to much more of this.

Rainy morning

And I am drinking a lot of coffee and testing some blog things. Apologies for the extraneous micro-posts.