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Posts from ‘August, 2010’

Rainbow of tomatoes on the table

It was a hot sweaty week at Pennsic. The new day-long artisan’s row setup was great for informal discussion and hands-on instruction. I spent a lot of time teaching, about 20 hours of weaving and dyeing and geomancy and plant identification. My vacations never seem to be restful and relaxing, but if they were I’d […]


So much going on in the garden… tomatoes, flowers, herbs. Even the odd strawberry: when the nursery said “everbearing” apparently they meant it. The peppers turned out to be pleasingly hot. I briefly regretted eating one whole and raw at lunchtime, but they will be fabulous for cooking. One of the wonderful things about my […]


Complex Weavers was wonderful as always. I was very excited to be teaching this year for the first time. I didn’t finish my class until the night before (more on that later, but it’s a good thing I was teaching on the last day). I taught a “Tablet Weaving Tour,” a show-and-tell class with lots […]