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Posts from ‘July, 2010’

Link roundup

Some things people have sent me recently: From Laura, this link to a report on textiles from Burgos Cathedral, Spain. From Cori, a link to a creative use for embroidery: animation. If you browse the archives, there are some lovely skeleton animals too. From Beth Matney on the MEDTC-DISCUSS e-list: Inlaid Patchwork in Europe from […]


How old is tablet weaving anyway? The earliest piece I know of is 9-8th c. BCE (Etruscan), and by the 5th c. BCE it was very well-established and complex (Hallstatt). Why is there no tablet weaving in South America, or North America for that matter, even though there are other fabulously complex textiles? How and […]

Sneak peek

Tablet weaving tour: time, space, structure. I’m never going to have everything, but I’ve made a very good start. Don’t you wish you were coming to Albuquerque? PS. If you’re interested, there’s a roundup of recent non-textile publications here.

A new decade

I’ve been notably absent, but I can finally tell you a bit about one of the things that’s been taking up the word quota. My first published piece of fiction appeared today at Crossed Genres, just in time for my fortieth birthday. I managed to meet a ridiculous number of June deadlines, more of which […]