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Posts from ‘December, 2009’

Ice sculptures

On New Year’s Eve, I walk through the site of the State College festivities on my way to work and take pictures of the ice sculptures. Here’s 2007’s best photo: And my 2008 favorite: But here’s what the 2009 sculptures looked like this morning: They’ve changed the format, and instead of the sculptures being done […]

Fiddling around

My extra-special-bonus-day has turned into an afternoon of playing with string, but mostly of fiddling around on the computer, learning some new things, and organizing whole piles of odds and ends. I’ve been saving links, and if I post them I don’t need to save them any more. As you might expect, the sciencey stuff […]


I get an unplanned afternoon off, courtesy of those cute little icicles on my patio chair.

Good old USA

This sucks. Canadian science fiction author Peter Watts was stopped by US Border Patrol agents on his way out of the US, beaten up, detained, all his things confiscated, then kicked out. In shirtsleeves. In December. In Ontario. And he’s been charged with assault too. Many people have discussion and commentary, including Peter himself. People […]


My brother Nathan is quite a bit younger than I am – enough so that when I moved out of the house for college he was also shorter than me. Not so any more. (Nick is the shorter one, and he’s not actually short.) It was rather interesting seeing Nathan once or twice a year, […]


I don’t have the plugins fixed. I don’t have the LJ Cross-posting working. But I do have photographic evidence of snow.


I still haven’t gotten LJXP working again, despite assorted upgrades, so I’m trying out JournalPress. ETA: No love there either. I get the same error from both plugins: “transport error – HTTP status code was not 200.”

And yet more…

Snowing steadily since this morning. Looks like maybe an inch and a half. I upgraded WordPress (using the Automatic Upgrade plugin – very slick), and thus broke most of my favorite widgets. Yes, I upgraded them. Still no joy.


Snow in December is much less disturbing than snow in October. We’re up to an inch, or nearly, and it looks very attractive coating the trees. The ground isn’t frozen yet, so it’s just on the trees and grass. (All the fun, none of the shovelling!) I haven’t properly made it off the couch yet […]