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Posts from ‘April, 2009’

Medieval Housewife

The nearby town of Huntingdon holds a Mayfest every year, on the last weekend of April. They have a time-travelling sort of theme, with Renaissance, Rev and Civil wars, and more modern eras of US history. This year the local SCA group provided a bit of historical flavor for the Renaissance section (though we did […]

Monday cheer

Tamie pointed out that it has been in the high 80s for the past three days, so even if frost really did happen last week, it is no longer appropriate. Instead, here’s a quick bit of cheer for Monday morning. More actual content later today, if all goes as planned. (Yeah, I know…)


Ah, spring in Pennsylvania! I seriously contemplated turning on my space heater at work this morning because my fingers were functioning below capacity, but it’s supposed to be 81F/27C by the end of the week. The flowers are blooming, but these photos were taken this morning very early. No, not an unannounced spaceflight: frost on […]


Jenny Dean is doing a series of articles on Anglo-Saxon dyeing, with pretty pictures (Part 1, Part 2). I’ve been doing some modern dyeing, but for a Viking purpose: much more of the insane silk for a larger project. I want to end up with enough for the front of an apron dress. I’m thinking, […]

Viking cake

The cake is fantastic. Pretty much everything else makes me cringe. That dress…

Busy day in the garden

Yesterday was gorgeous – sunny, warm. I know it’s going to frost again – it snowed less than two weeks ago, after all – but it is firmly spring in central Pennsylvania. I spent the day outside cleaning up the yard and getting ready for summer. I love gardening this time of year. Not only […]

Quick pick-me-up

Today is a glum rainy day here in central Pennsylvania, and it’s a glum day for many in the US who didn’t get their taxes done early, so here are some bright cheery photos from a couple weeks ago. I took them as a break from doing my own taxes, so it seems proper to […]

Talent vs appearance

The story of Susan Boyle is making the rounds – even hit CNN today – but I’m posting it here anyway, just because. Go watch this, then read that. (Do resist the urge to look away and watch the whole video.)


A tale of my evening: hot cross buns and a new toy. Haven’t tried the buns yet, but they look good and smell better. I failed completely at the “cross” bit of the project, but the “hot” part did work. As for the new computer, shiny! I adore my netbook, but I can already tell […]

Extreme Fiber Arts

It all began with a bet, of course: “Sir John Throckmorton laid a of a thousand guineas that at eight o’clock in the evening of June the 25th, 1811, he would sit down to dinner in a well-woven, properly-made coat, the wool of which formed the fleeces of sheeps’ backs at five o’clock that same […]