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Posts from ‘February, 2009’

A distraction

I am buried in a pile of unfinished manuscripts, unsorted photographs, random links to be posted, incomplete blog posts, and skeins of yarn to be wound. To distract you from the chaos lurking behind the WordPress facade: enjoy!


A week ago I saw the first tiny snowdrop shoot. Hooray! By Saturday afternoon, it had many companions. The little green shoots continued to emerge, but it was a bit hard to tell in Wednesday’s sleet. And this morning? They’re under there somewhere. I hope.

In which I am lazy

I had a three-day weekend, and it contained spinner’s guild AND knit night. The snowdrops came up (shoots, not flowers), I photographed various things, string and not. There was more knitting. But I was at a conference for the past two days, and I’m tired. Too tired and lazy, actually, to even download the photos […]

Friday the thirteenth

I’m confused. Wednesday: record-breaking 64F temperatures. Thursday: 50 mile an hour winds. Friday: snow. But I saw the first tiny snowdrop shoot this morning, so perhaps it will settle down into spring sooner rather than later. The peanut gallery has been clamoring for a return of Friday photos. A quick dig in the archives found […]

A change in perspective

Sometimes all you need is a change in perspective. I’d offered quite some time ago to spin some yarn for a friend who knits, in exchange for barter to be determined later (always fun, with the right kind of person). At the time, I’d been doing a lot of wheel spinning, and so my mental […]

Poppets go shopping

Who knew how much poppets like the produce section? They were less sure of the bakery. More

Poppets like string

Photo post

Yes, I do have a new camera. I have a shiny new Sony alpha 300 digital SLR, courtesy of the Circuit City going-out-of-business sale. Their prices are still lousy on most of the things I want (10% off a 20%-too-high price is uninteresting), but the cameras were 30% off, and that beat what I could […]


While I have it on good authority that five things make a post, I only have three. 1. I have tickets for Coraline tonight (official website not working for me right now). Go see it. In 3D if at all possible. Go. Now. The other two things will be here when you get back. 2. […]

String and random filler

I have been busily working (Self-generating SQL code! Use 7 lines of code to write 1200 all by itself, and let it run for an hour or so. Oh the excitement! See why I don’t talk about work much here???), and also doing things with string. Things like coloring it and winding from big cones […]