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Posts from ‘January, 2009’

Hello World!

Work: nuts. Deadlines: don’t ask. Internet time: Devoted to the kinds of time-consuming upgrades and fixes that the outside world will never see. And twitter. Evil, evil twitter. I snuck in a mention earlier, but if you missed it, I have a new website. My original plan for this blog was primarily string and medieval […]

Good morning

Nothing new on the string front I’m afraid – too much working for a living. This sunrise is from yesterday morning while heading to work. I didn’t even have time to post a photo! I did want to call your attention to some unintended consequences of recent consumer safety legislation – banning books. Sort of. […]

Mitts and artichokes

The extreme cold snap has inspired me to spend a lot of time checking the pipes to make sure they aren’t frozen. Only one tiny problem with the pipes – the not-so-brilliant renovators ran the cold water line to the kitchen right next to the dryer vent outlet. If it gets too cold I need […]

Studio Day

Saturday morning when I let the dog out it was -15F outside my front door. That sort of weather makes me want to huddle under mounds of blankets, and knit warm cozy things from wool. And that’s just what I’ve been doing. I started a couple of blog articles, but haven’t gotten them finished. I […]


I’ve put together a reasonable selection of supplies for beginner, intermediate and advanced card/tablet weavers, braiders, etc. Cotton, linen silk; cards; and so on – enough to keep a band-weaver happy for a very long time. Most band weavers, that is. I realized recently that I do not have any stock suitable for the insane […]


I’ve fallen in with a bad crowd. You know the type – a roving gang of internet thugs, hanging around in dark alleys, skipping school, smoking under that big tree out back. Enticing people to hang out with them, and to waste lots of time messing about online. Yes, it’s true: I’ve joined Facebook. And […]

My morning commute

See the pretty shiny road? And the pretty shiny shrubbery? Easily the worst commute in the six years I’ve been here. This is the winter of ice, it seems. It’s still falling, predicted to continue and turn to snow over the course of the day, topping it all off with an inch of snow tonight.

Sprang sashes

This past fall I was approached by an 18th-c. reenactor about the military sashes worn during the American War for Independence. Many of the famous portraits of George Washington show him wearing this sort of sash. It’s common knowledge among textile geeks that these are sprang, as described in various places including Peter Collingwood’s Techniques […]


“Start as you mean to go on” seems to be the general consensus on the new year. If that’s the way it works, though, my 2009 is going to be late and disorganized. Four days into the year and I’m already desperately behind and overcommitted, just as I ended 2008. Not undoable, just requires a […]