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String Comic

Real Life Comics today: yarn shops!

We now return you to your regularly-scheduled October

The poor tree mostly bounced back once the snow melted, although you can see a bunch of broken branches beneath its base. I’ll prune a bit and clean up, I won’t know until next spring just how badly it was injured. The rest of town doesn’t look as bad as I’d expected. Branches down all […]

New goodies online

The snow is gone, and we’re back to a normal, even warm, Pennsylvania autumn. Yesterday I spent reading novels and watching it snow, but today has been nicely productive. My presentation from Textilforum is now available online as a web-based slide show or a black-and-white PDF. No idea why the latter isn’t in color – […]

This is gonna hurt

Wednesday morning. Friday morning (today). We got far too many inches of slushy wet snow. It started falling late-morning yesterday and continued through the night. Branches are down everywhere, and power was out in much of town. It went off at my house Even the National Weather Service said, effectively, “We know the snow is […]

Now hold it right there

Yesterday. Yes, yesterday. I posted a picture of our first hard frost. My tomatoes were still bushy and green, and covered in unripe fruit. Now just look at the poor things! It was raining this morning. Then the rain turned fluffy. And stayed that way. And kept falling. Now just look at this mess. Slush, […]

Prettiest spot in town

The sun’s angle changes over the course of the year, as does its time of rising. This time of year, the angle and timing are such that it shines up a hill that I climb on my way to work in the morning. This hill. The sun peeks over the horizon, and the first thing […]

Hey, look at that!

Anyone who’s been reading here for a while knows that I’ve gotten fairly confident with my ability to dye wool, but have been struggling with silk, due primarily to my very, very hard water. It comes out uneven, bad enough, but it also bleeds, which is horrid. And completely unacceptable. I tried everything I could […]


Stringpage Supplies is back online, after a six-week break (rather longer than planned). I’m not done with the necessary changes, but have made a great deal of progress. The sock yarn is up, and the dyed fiber, and hints about stickers and t-shirts. Still in the works: actually getting the t-shirts and stickers up; fixing […]

Things I’ve been saving up

Ohhh…. Halloween Poppets! You know, my birthday is nowhere near Halloween, but it could have been… Probably everyone’s seen this by now. The Skjoldehamn outfit was from a bog body dating to 1050CE or so, found in Norway the 1936. The body was poorly preserved, but the clothes were in fabulous shape. A museum group […]

String Puzzle, amended

Yes, everyone thinks the gizmo looks like a bobbin winder of some sort. But here’s where we’re most perplexed: The putative bobbin area is hourglass shaped. There isn’t an obvious way to mount a pirn or quill, and how would you get it off if you wound directly onto the shaft? My friend didn’t get […]