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Posts from ‘September, 2008’

Dear Bank of America

The first I knew that my credit card number had been stolen was when I received a fraud notice from you. This was only a day after the number had been stolen, though the card was still in my possession. It must have been somebody at that restaurant we’d eaten at the night before. You […]

Big numbers

The northeastern United States: 12 states 299 counties 589525180 30m x 30m grid cells My not-so-new computer isn’t very happy with me right now.

The bloggy thing

The LJ Crossposter decided that a subset of my archive should be sent over to LiveJournal. That was kind of odd, so I just sent the rest of the archive. My entire back catalog, such as it is, should now appear on LJ as well as String Notes. (I still maintain that String Notes is […]

Quick Photo-update

Upon being introduced to fresh figs: T: That’s odd. It doesn’t taste anything like a Fig Newton. B (source of figs): Sorry, I don’t have a Newton-tree in my yard. Maybe you had to be there… And pretty, pretty shiny fiber: And now, back to Thing 1…

National Punctuation Day

Today is National Punctuation Day: Strike out incorrect apostrophe‘s. Eliminate excess exclamations!!!!!!!! Erase, the overabundant, comma. Keep “your” quotation marks corralled.

In memoriam

Life is fragile. One slip, repairing a roof, can shake the foundations of a Kingdom, leave family and friends heartbroken. Life endures. Morguhn will continue to serve as long as there is strength in any single part of him, though the man we knew is no more.

Cooking summer

Roasted Whatever Take whatever you have lots of in the garden right now, plus whatever herbs are handy. Chop the herbs, mix with a bit of sea salt and some olive oil. Chop the whatever (tomatoes, in this case), or not as need be. Toss with the herbs and oil, place on a baking sheet […]


The LJ Crosspost (ljxp) plugin works, more or less. I had to comment out line 527 of the PHP code, and I still get an error, but it does post both places. Happy now??? :)

A day to myself

Ah… a Saturday at home alone. Nick is off doing SCA stuff, and I’m here doing… whatever I want! After a lazy morning, I put on Amanda Palmer‘s new album, and set to it. I’ve cleaned the kitchen and put away all the crap in the dining room so I can do some sewing. I […]


The Penn State farmer’s market had apples this week. They raise mostly heirloom and experimental varieties. Aren’t they pretty? The apple is crisp and tart, and very tasty. And no, I have no idea what it’s called, but will try to find out at next week’s market. I have two Things that must be done […]