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Posts from ‘August, 2008’

Sheep cartoon

Here. Ouch!

Ack! Deadlines!

Many things to get done by tomorrow to make editors happy, make bosses happy, and maybe get a bit of the long weekend for myself. Three things to share with you all: 1. Still raining! 2. In all the busyness I completely forgot to plug the PA Endless Mountains Fiber Festival next weekend (!!!), Sept […]


How wonderful to lie in bed and listen to rain falling outside my window. Here, there has been no rain for the entire month of August, plus a bit of July. Things were getting rather crunchy. Who knows, it might even rain tomorrow.

The famous exploded knife

If you are prone to having problems with exploding meat, you are likely to develop a close relationship with a knifemaker who can repair the aftereffects. Let me back up a step. I have never exploded meat. Other things maybe, but we won’t talk about that right now. Regular readers might remember me mentioning a […]

Writing bits

Writing about writing: An interview with John Scalzi, especially: TH: What are some of the things that inspire you? JS: I think the usual: paying my mortgage and other bills, buying groceries, people who I want to impress in some way for whatever reason. “Inspiration” as such doesn’t enter too much into the equation with […]

Blogging in the kitchen

No, not about food. Why would you think that? I’m dyeing some cotton, and since it’s at the stage where it needs to be stirred almost continuously, I brought the laptop in the kitchen to keep me company while I stir. Don’t worry, not next to the dyebath – I’m pretty sure that fiber reactive […]

The law of diminishing returns

After six proposals, the quality of the reviews tends to decline sharply. So the Internet ban is rescinded for the rest of the evening. It will return tomorrow though – there are still five to go. Here, as a diversion: Grendel when we got him as a “tiny” puppy. Grendel after he learned that going […]

Please help

I have 979 pages of grant proposals to read this weekend. If you see me wandering the internet, please smack me and tell me to go back to work. Ignore any and all pleading and claims of “just taking a break”. We all know how that works, don’t we? Just one blog, and three hours […]

A bit of State College

Beautiful morning today! I went to WC Clarke’s (fondly known as the Cheese Shoppe) on my way to work to pick up some coffee beans, thus avoiding the terrible perils of undercaffeination. I could tell from a block away that this was a roasting morning. Bill has some of the best coffee anywhere. Mmmmm! Coffee […]


First I decided that I wasn’t going to mess with acid dyes on silk anymore because I was having such problems. But I like using acid dyes more than fiber reactive dyes, and I’m getting excellent results on wool, so I thought I’d try one more time. I’m getting good color depth, finally, (even in […]