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Posts from ‘July, 2008’

Head, meet desk

Busily working through my negative exponentials, looking at the pretty brightly colored graphs (I think my favorite part of science might just be the pretty pictures), I started assembling conclusions for the paper I’m writing. But wait… these numbers just won’t do. I skipped a step way back at the beginning, and now must start […]


You’re in luck!!! I wrote a very long post early this morning about the excessively long and complicated day I had yesterday, punctuated by phrases like “11-hour work day” and “cumulative distribution function” and “vacuuming the couch”, and conspicuously lacking words like “knitting” or “yarn” or “beer”. But no sooner did I get it written […]

Alexander Calder’s jewelry

I’ve always liked Alexander Calder’s work, especially the mobiles. The grace and the balance with which those red and black pieces of steel were assembled makes them a pleasure to watch. The mobiles especially hit that intriguing interface between art and mathematics and science. NPR this morning had an article on Calder’s jewelry in honor […]

Exciting weather

There was a tornado extremely close to where I grew up! It went across water and uninhabited hunting land, fortunately. Here, just heat and thunderstorms, though I was in a Pennsylvania tornado quite a few years ago. That SCA tall tale about the tornado hitting an event, and a tree landing on some poor guy? […]

Short stories

Continuing this week’s apparent writing theme, here’s a short bit by author and editor Nick Mamatas on what editors want from short stories. Not only is it inspiring, I acquired an excellent new phrase (embellished further in the comments). (I’m, er, not going to repeat it here so that my mother can maintain the appearance […]

Books! On string!

Despite the header tag-line of this blog, there hasn’t been much in the way of book content lately. Not for lack of good intentions – I have a box of books to talk about, notes for several reviews, and since I’ve been on a werewolf kick lately, I was asked to write about the current […]

Some advice on writing

There seems little prospect of me getting caught up on blogging any time in the immediate future. The odds are roughly equivalent to those of me getting caught up on yard work, I think. Just to make it clear that I haven’t actually vanished, I wanted to share with you a couple of photos and […]

Holiday fun

Complex Weavers was wonderful. I met many people, attended interesting classes, spent plenty of time on a hammock by the beach chattering away with Laura, and all the other things you might expect. Now I’m home, and engaged with yard work, house cleaning, and all those things that accumulate when you step out for even […]