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Posts from ‘May, 2008’

Fingerloop fibers

This will be put on the sales site in more detail, but since I was just asked a question. This is a 5-loop fingerloop braid done in the silks and cottons that I carry. (Linens yet to come.) From left to right: 6-ply rayon, 20/2 silk, 60/2 silk, scale marker, 8/2 unmercerized cotton, 10/2 mercerized […]


Need photocopy of work-thing. Look in project folder for work-thing’s project. Not there. Look in related folders. Look in desk drawer. I used this work-thing not that long ago, it should be on top somewhere (stratigraphy theory of organization). Work projects have topical folders, with reprints, data, notes, etc. all together. Sometimes they spawn and […]

Desert Sheepies

I did all sorts of things this weekend. Some, like repairing the screen door or cleaning the kitchen cupboards, just aren’t that interesting to blog about, so I’ll just skip to the good stuff. Several days of sun were predicted, so I hauled out the wool stash. I have three fleeces, and we won’t talk […]

Creativity, inspiration and hard work

First, the background. Sara Lamb is a self-described teacher of “esoteric weaving skills”, with a penchant for low-tech and simple equipment. Unsurprisingly, I admire her work, being rather fond of that sort of thing myself. Our specific paths are rather different – she has gone the color route, and I’m more about structure – but […]


I have a bunch of stuff to talk about over the next day or two – sheep, spinning, knitting, creativity and inspiration, gardening, the tail end of that meme… Here’s the first installment – terribly neat stuff involving horses (real) and swords (fake). The goal is to knock the crest off your opponent’s helmet. PS […]

I’ve been slimed!

No wait, that’s memed, which appears to be rather different. Sort of. Abby tagged me for an “about you” style meme. I have a bit of time this morning, so here goes! The rules as I know them: “The rules of the game get posted at the beginning. Each player answers the questions about themselves. […]

Quick Pic

Volunteering in my courtyard: And a quick update: the new spring sock yarn is now available at my Etsy site. If you buy some, then I can buy more blanks and do more dyeing. I was asked about the weaving cards… they aren’t listed yet, as I wanted to get a couple more things worked […]

Saturday entertainment

Drinking coffee, waiting for the rain to begin, wandering the internet. I can’t share the coffee unless you come to visit, and you may not want the rain, but here are a couple of webfinds for you. First, sheep! By way of The Journal of Mythic Arts comes the Celtic Myth Podshow, readings from Celtic […]

Rainy Friday Photos

Today is wet and chilly, so to brighten things up I have a couple of photos from earlier this week. Definitely not gray and glum! In keeping with this month’s theme of special days, let’s all wish Nick a happy birthday! His present? A trip to the Cleveland Museum of Art to see the Austrian […]

Found one

Every so often I go looking for local-to-me fiber arts blogs, mostly from idle curiousity, but also to find out what’s going on in the local fiber community. Today I didn’t have to go looking: if you see something labeled “Happy Valley” in the comments on Crazy Aunt Purl, it’s certain to be fiber arts, […]