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Posts from ‘March, 2008’


Morgan thinks spring

Morgan declared it spring in his world. And of course, the cat is always right, no? During the summer, he spends quite a bit of time in our enclosed courtyard, as close to the outside world as Morgan ever gets. Sunday, after most of the snow melted, he told us that it was spring and […]

Spring in Pennsylvania

I thought you might like to see some updates on the bulbs. This bed has snowdrops, tulips and daffodils. And here are the crocuses. Looks like about 4 inches, and still falling. Happily, the long trips to New York were the past two weekends, and today I can stay home and drink coffee. And catching […]

Astronomy is right

Apparently it really is spring now. It was sunny this morning, so I went to check on the cute little crocus. It has many friends now. On my way to the crocus patch, this was the first thing I saw. I had to hunt a bit for its likely companion in the front bed – […]

Today is many things

Today is the vernal equinox – the days will now be longer than the nights in the northern hemisphere. Hooray! And I think I’ve finally adjusted to this ridiculously early daylight savings time thing. The combination of traveling and time changing was difficult this year, though it did provide more light for driving around in […]

St. Paddy’s Green

The snowdrops expand. And they’re no longer buried in snow. It was very warm here on Friday. As we were loading the car to head to Buffalo, I predicted that the first crocuses would be up by the time we got back. Nick and I were in Buffalo to judge a regional SCA art competition […]

Spring and string

First, spring. The giant snowpile next to the sidewalk has melted enough to reveal snowdrops. February is definitely over, and there’s a possibility of spring arriving eventually. I expect at least one more big snow, though. Now, on to string. This arrived last week from KnitPicks. It’s worsted weight Wool of the Andes in the […]

Professional responsibilities

Apparently one of my professional responsibilities is eating. I spent the day at a Pennsylvania agriculture conference, and I think I spent the entire day eating and sitting. It always amazes me how tiring that is. There were some very interesting talks, and some talks on aspects of agriculture that I know nothing about, so […]

Problem solved

Laura and I are going to Complex Weavers in Tampa, FL this summer. Peter Collingwood is the guest of honor – you know I’ll be there! That was the easy part. But Convergence is right before it, also in Tampa, and I’ve been debating whether to go to the giant weaving conference as well as […]

Pretty, pretty string

Silk, linen, cotton, rayon, in colors and sizes, but all neatly arrayed in hundred-yard skeins. They are posed with their hundred-yard skeiner, a two-yard PVC reel with a counter. The counter is very, very important! The reel can be used on a table, as here, and also has a floor stand so it can be […]