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Posts from ‘January, 2008’

Street art

Louisville has a remarkable abundance of street art, from the painted horses seen everywhere, to artist-designed bike racks, to these. Yes, those are penguins. And there’s a whole flock perched on that building.

Where’s Waldo? Or rather, Phiala?

Clue 1: This was taken along Main Street, just a block from the river. Clue 2: These are all over the place, and all different. Clue 3: Oh, must be Louisville, Kentucky, home of the Louisville Slugger! I’m here for a professional conference, and have been since Saturday. Gotta love that 6am flight out of […]

Up periscope

I spent the afternoon in the university library. Amazingly, not everything is available online. Yet. My academic career is just long enough to span the transition – I started out using fat volumes of Biological Abstracts to find papers of interest, slowly and tediously. Now I use Web of Science, find everything ever published on […]

One more thing

This article on art and productivity (and knitting!) would be a perfect lead-in to something I’ve planned, if only I were productive enough to have written it already.

Grand opening sale!

I know that you, Faithful Reader, are well aware of my string store and its slow progress. But now, the rest of the world knows too! Or at least the subset most likely to be interested, in the form of the newsgroups most closely related to my target market. (I’m a long-time active participant in […]

Fickle weather

I had it all figured out. While walking to work in the rain this morning, I planned today’s blog post about how it is gray and miserable outside, but in my studio there were all these bright colors from my dye experiments. So now it’s sunny out, and I couldn’t possibly write that post while […]


I have spring fever. Or cabin fever. Or something. The kind of malady where you want to walk out of your house, and out of your life, and move to New Zealand, and become a sheep farmer. Or something. But that isn’t realistic, or responsible, or right, so you never do. But what if? The […]

Global warming strikes again

It’s a beautiful spring day here in central Pennsylvania. But wait, today is January 8. The average high temperature on January 7 is 33F/0C, and the record high is 62F/16C, set in 1930. Yesterday was 66F/19C. Today’s average high is the same, and the record is 64F/17C, set in 1937. It’s already 61F/16C out, and […]

Other people’s stuff III

Hey, when you’re on a roll… Breaking news: Laura is no longer blogless! Hooray!

More other people’s stuff

First of all, go read this at Abby’s Yarns. Then go buy this: (shameless sponsored Amazon link, or here’s the publisher’s page). While you’re waiting for the book to arrive, you should also spend some time with the Centro de Textiles Tradicionales de Cusco, don’t you think?