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A Weaver

I turned on my computer this morning to learn that Peter Collingwood, master weaver and textile specialist, died unexpectedly yesterday, in his studio at home. I’d never had the pleasure of meeting Peter in person, but we’d corresponded a number of times over the years. He wrote the masterworks on tablet weaving, and rug weaving, […]

Autumn Gardens

This is what I rose to early this morning. My sofa faces the east-looking livingroom window. I watched the clouds change colors and positions, and finally fade, accompanied by the crunch of my breakfast cereal. It occurred to me earlier this week that I’m wildly excited by the first flowers of spring, and overwhelmed by […]

Not tonight

I had plans for a post about the first frost of the season last night, and the fall garden, and finishing the first sleeve of my first sweater, but you know, I’m tired. Tonight, you get good intentions, but no followthrough, and I get to curl up on the couch with a fluffycat and Patrick […]

The Elder Vegetables

No, not the chard in the back of the crisper drawer. Let me present to you the Candrake: and Cthulot. The things that happen when I don’t work all weekend… What can I say, except that it’s almost Halloween. And that crocheting tentacles is a lot of fun.

SOAR Update

Laura asked for a SOAR update, though she’s a long way away and not attending herself. I got off the waiting list last week, but the only reason I knew was that I contacted them. As a further sign of extreme disorganization on their part, SOAR is being held at a resort hotel that isn’t […]

Bringing the tropics home

I got to try something new today. This isn’t a rotten potato, or a misshapen apple. This is a pawpaw. Pawpaw trees are native to eastern North America, and are sometimes called “Kentucky bananas” (or Indiana, or Michigan, or various other geographic modifiers) for their vaguely bananoid shape. A co-worker has a tree, and when […]

Bits from the internet

Some odds and ends: Neil Gaiman is on tour for his new book right now. He’s reading one chapter per stop, and each chapter is being videotaped and put online. Not the same as being there, but really a nice plan. I’m interested to watch people who make stuff work out ways to put it […]

A technical note

I’m being inundated by spam for the last week or so. Akismet does a great job, but there are more coming in than I can easily skim for false positives. (Who has time to read 600 spams a day?) So if you’ve left a comment and it hasn’t appeared, it isn’t you. I’ve never intentionally […]

Happy New Year!

No, I’ve not converted to Judaism; today is the first day of the US government 2009 fiscal year. And I get to go to work this morning. Funding for my lab is not immediately disappearing, though it is not completely secure since there is no Federal budget and we’re on a continuing resolution until March […]

Dear Bank of America

The first I knew that my credit card number had been stolen was when I received a fraud notice from you. This was only a day after the number had been stolen, though the card was still in my possession. It must have been somebody at that restaurant we’d eaten at the night before. You […]