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Posts from ‘December, 2007’

A brief interlude

Getting caught up… the umpteenth load of laundry is in the dryer, the next load of dishes will go into the washer next time I get up, the bookkeeping is done, as a head-start on year-end (hi mom!), the living room is picked up, and I’ve got a couple batches of wool simmering on the […]

Peace, joy and string

I hope that all of you are enjoying a holiday with the food and friends and family that you wish to be with, and the fiber arts project of your choice. I’m at my in-laws, knitting the not-quite-finished XXX (now a New Year’s present), and after I finish that, will be indulging myself with the […]

100 Unicorns

You may have noticed that there hasn’t been a post all week. (Bear with me as I maintain the delusion that I have regular readers!) That isn’t for lack of interesting things to talk about, believe me (and not even any more of those statistics equations, though if you happen to be interested… no, probably […]

50 Books

Yes, much fictional goodness in my life. If I’m working very hard, as I have been, I still need to make time for mental relaxation. This time of year my job doesn’t require much physical exertion, but mental exertion is still work. Based on a recommendation I found somewhere or another online, I took a […]

Knitting in Nebraska

Okay, really I was there for work, but while it was a very interesting and valuable scientific review session, you don’t really want to hear the details. The panel worked very hard, and we spent many hours a day discussing the project we were reviewing, and the whole process has sparked some new research projects […]

Can I stay?

I highly recommend the knitting by the fire approach. That’s how I spent my bit of free time for the past few evenings, and I made great progress on the XXX I’m knitting for XXX, having gotten all the way to the XXX in that time! (No, you can’t see!) As a break from the […]

I didn’t expect Milwaukee

I thought I was going from State College to Omaha by way of Detroit, but when I arrived at the airport at 5am, I learned that half (!!!) the planes that were supposed to fly out that morning had not arrived the night before due to weather wherever they were coming from. Including mine. The […]

Friday photo

I was saving this one for autumn, then forgot about it. We’re now past this seasonal stage, and well into snow. I hope you enjoy it anyway – this is one of my favorites. As a special bonus, I’ll also continue the “socks at work” series. These are my first socks, nice toasty wool-blend, and […]

All I want for Christmas…

… is a pair of feet. Why else would they be carefully posed under the tree? Or maybe not. These once again belong to my guest feet model Tamie, and are knitted from worsted-weight Noro Kureyon. She’s a Birks kind of girl, and likes her toes warm!

Maybe there’s something wrong with me

And Tamie. Or maybe we’re just working too hard. Let me describe the symptoms. At 7:00PM last night we were still at work, sitting in her office, running the new Minitab distribution fitter on some watershed data, and giggling at the results. Statistics. Giggling. 7:00PM. Something is seriously wrong here, don’t you think? We both […]