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Posts from ‘November, 2007’

No string for me

I had such grand plans for the day… I was going to wind up some yarn, and do a bit of dyeing, work on the Lithuanian weaving that I started a couple weeks ago, maybe start the new weaving piece (and associated blog-article), finish the Jaywalkers, spend some time with the new books… But first, […]

Moving up in the world

The Google thing must be working – I got my first comment spam today. I suppose there’s a down-side to everything…


So I’ve been doing forty-leventeen jillion things at once, it seems like (and not one of them involves cleaning the house). (Or rather, that’s not true. I cleaned the dog drool off the picture window. I think this must involve Grendel standing on the couch slobbering over the back, or something else equally disgusting.) Certainly […]