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Posts from ‘September, 2007’

Today’s ‘toon


Weaving 101: Revision

Apparently there are some problems with the warping section of my Weaving 101 series. I’ve gone back through and edited it; I hope this helps. It’s the job of an introductory tutorial to introduce and teach, and I’m quite willing to work through bits that aren’t clear. I can’t do anything about the speed at […]

Q & A!

Oh, wow! I actually have enough people with questions that I can do a Q & A session! Laura: I had been wondering what you’d do about dyeing once the sun heads south for the winter. Stove? The variegated and multicolored ones will go in the oven instead of the solar oven. I use the […]

Ravelry contest

By popular demand (by which I mean incessant nagging from Tamie), one last Ravelry update: * You signed up on August 30, 2007 * You are #29977 on the list. * 12947 people are ahead of you in line. * 5471 people are behind you in line. * 47% of the list has been invited […]

Invisible cheese

Today was a day for doing stuff. I cleaned the house. (And by “cleaned”, please realize that I mean that the house is no longer scary and coated with dog fur, rather than that any particular room is actually clean by any standards including my own. Mom, please pretend you skipped this bit.) I spun […]

Weaving 101: Warping

[Edit: Rewrote the first two paragraphs to make it clear that you need warping posts AND some kind of loom-equivalent.] Okay, you’ve all got string and pencils, right? You will also need something to wind the warp around to measure it – two chair backs, a couple of c-clamp – two adjustable but more-or-less stable […]

The structure of things

In which Phiala talks very little about string. You can pretty much all skip this (except for the last paragraph). I spent the entire day wresting with structural equation modeling (SEM). Now, don’t get me wrong – I actually like statistics, and computer programming stuff, and have an R package on CRAN and everything. I […]

Big News!

I have a whole bunch of things to cover, since I’ve been slack about actually posting here. Ya know, thinking about what I’m going to write, planning what I’m going to write, and making detailed outlines in my mind of what I’m going to write are just no substitute to actually writing. I’ve been busy, […]

50 books

Finished Philippa Gregory: Earthly Joys No string, but lots of plants. This novelization of famous botanist and gardener John Tradescant’s life emphasizes his interactions with the rich and famous of his day (the end of Queen Elizabeth’s reign in England, through James and Charles). It seemed kind of light to me, though it really isn’t […]

Weekend of color

I spent my weekend in the dye studio doing sock yarn. Lots of sock yarn. Mostly variegated, but also one batch of self-striping. It was a three-day weekend here (there should be more three-day weekends in my life) so I had some extra time to play with string. I got eight skeins of yarn dyed […]