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Posts from ‘August, 2007’

Moving up

Ravelry sez: * You signed up on Yesterday * You are #29977 on the list. * 18765 people are ahead of you in line. * 256 people are behind you in line. * 36% of the list has been invited so far I’ve advanced, and the line has grown behind me. It may still take […]

Not last!

But also no closer to the front. # You are #29977 on the list. # 18923 people are ahead of you in line. # 51 people are behind you in line. # 35% of the list has been invited so far Those numbers say something about the wild popularity of this site, though – 51 […]

The knitting

I have finished nothing. On the other hand, I have started nothing, despite the allure of freshly-dyed sock yarn. (I want extra credit for willpower!!!!) I finally gave in to the hive-mind and put in for a Ravelry invite. (What can I say? I’m slow.) Er, yeah… * You signed up on Today * You […]

Weaving 101: Introduction

Like any other activity, weaving has its own terminology. Taking the time to learn a few new words now means that you will be able to follow anyone’s explanations and read any introductory weaving book. It also means that if you run into problems, you can clearly and concisely ask for help. Weaving is a […]


The front flowerbed is pink right now. Extremely pink. And in interesting shapes, even. This is not a color I normally associate with the end of August. Isn’t this supposed to be harvest season – golden sweetcorn picked this morning (straight from the Amish market), orange canteloupe (same source), red tomatoes still warm from the […]

Pennsylvania string

Coming up soon: the fourth annual Pennsylvania Fiber Festival, to be held at the Harford County Fairgrounds on September 8 and 9. (That’s between Binghamton and Scranton.) To be honest, I didn’t realize that this had been going on for the past three years, or I would have been there! There are vendors, of course, […]

So soft!

Have you ever met a skein of yarn you wanted to sleep with? Or to carry with you at all times so that you could pet it frequently? So soft that you’d like to keep it as a pet? I’ve actually succeeded in making one of those! Well, sort of – it isn’t anywhere near […]

50 books

I’ve been so busy that I haven’t even been reading much, although I did get several moved from “underway” to “done”. And you all know that I haven’t been writing much! I have lots of long, interesting string articles underway, but none finished. A booklist post is pretty to put together, since I keep notes […]


I would like to report that 15-hour workdays are conducive neither to blogging nor playing with string. So, nothing new. I haven’t even gotten everything put away from Pennsic yet, although Nick was very helpful and did all the laundry and put away many things. I’m very tired, haven’t been home, and haven’t been able […]

I’m baaack!

Tired, but no longer dirty (hey, hot running water!), and proud owner of large mounds of dirty laundry. It rained, you see. For days. It doesn’t matter what kind of tent you have, camping in the rain will make everything wet and muddy. The washing machine will be running until Wednesday, most likely. My vacation […]