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Posts from ‘July, 2007’

50 books

My local public library is having a celebration of their 50th birthday with a year’s worth of activities. They’ve started a new one for adults: if you read 50 books by sometime in December, you’ll get a free library book bag. I looked at that and laughed – the contest starts now, but you can’t […]

Arts Fest

Just when you thought you were safe, because Penn State football doesn’t start up again for months… comes Arts Fest: just as many people, and much longer! Many blocks of downtown are closed to accommodate the many artists there to display and sell their works, and the 125,000 people who come to admire and purchase. […]

Spin, span, spun. And dyed.

The Gotland is all spun! There’s two skeins of S-spun/Z-plied and two skeins of Z-spun/S-plied. Why, you might ask? For fun with weaving! More to come… I realized as I was taking the picture that I skeined them all in the same direction regardless of yarn twist. It probably doesn’t make much difference because the […]

Friday Postscript – Flowers

Things with color are once more starting to appear in my garden. The first of the new round of blooms were white, though: (I, er, took these earlier this week and forgot to post them. Or maybe last weekend. Or something.) The surprise when we moved from New Mexico to Pennsylvania, only to still have […]

Friday Photos

I can’t decide, so you get two, both summer flowers. I looked longingly at some of the icy ones (though I wasn’t so pleased when I took them), but decided that I would save them for a more seasonally-appropriate time. Happy news – I finished the project due Tuesday on Thursday, the project due in […]

Cherry bomb

I wanted to make something for myself as the first project from the solar yarn cooker. So, time to experiment with painted roving. My goal has always been to get solid, even color, so this multicolored thing is a bit foreign to me, but I like the way other people’s rovings and yarn look. First, […]

Fun in the sun

I was wandering the Internet on Saturday morning, and ran across Pippi Knee Socks, which led me to an article on dyeing in the Summer 2007 issue of KnittySpin, in which the author used a solar oven for dyeing, which led me to plans for a solar oven (by way of a page or two […]