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Posts from ‘July, 2007’

Ikat sock yarn

Oh, look at this! There are alternating wide and narrow stripes of white, and a really neat variegated purple color. I really, really like this, can you tell? It will look very different when skeined, and I’m looking forward to that too. And when knitted? The garden is once again full of color. The lilies […]


I’m completely enthralled by the first photograph in this article about the discovery of some previously-forgotten Viking-era graves. What do you think is under the ground within those rings?

Getting your string in shape

So you rushed out and bought some weaving yarn, right? (Any excuse for stash enhancement, right, and “Phiala told me to!” has been used in the past to good effect.) If you bought something on a cone or ball, then you can skip all of the steps on the rest of this page. But read […]

50 books

I’m fickle, I admit it. I haven’t finished most of the books listed as “in progress” on my first booklist post, but did read a whole slew of new ones. I think I should quit listing books in progress, and stick with ones I’ve actually read, or this list will become unmanageable. I’ve also added […]

The dyed roving

Over the weekend I finished spinning the dyed roving! I now have three small balls of variegated two-ply yarn looking for a project. Pretty, no? I’m not overly happy with the spinning – I was having a bit of trouble drafting this wool evenly. Since I purchased originally to make thrummed mittens with, spinnability wasn’t […]

Friday photos

Today, for your viewing pleasure, a pair of flowers: goatsbeard, and a raspberry (or maybe blackberry). but no string. I’ve been knitting on the never-ending Jaywalkers, and doing some swatching for a tank top (think I’ve got it figured out!), and planning the weaving project for the Gotland yarn, but none of those are either […]

Start with the string

You walk into a craft store, WalMart, or preferrably your local yarn shop (LYS), or you browse one of the many online pushers purveyors of fine string. You want to start your first weaving project, but the choices are overwhelming – wool, acrylic, cotton, linen, silk, smooth, fuzzy, fat thin… HELP! If you are in […]

Something’s missing…

Anyone who’s known me for a while or browsed my website knows that I engage in a wide range of stringy activities: spinning, dyeing, felting, naalbinding, sprang, braiding, you name it I’ve tried it. There’s no knitting on my main web page (though that will change, I’m sure), no crochet, tatting or a few other […]

The good, the bad and the ugly

String! String is good! And this is excellent, if I do say so myself: One ball, 460yd/100g approximately, of merino-nylon blend sock yarn, in random blue and green colors, dyed in the handy dandy solar yarn cooker. Expect to see more of this appearing, maybe even on Etsy, since my enjoyment of dyeing stuff far […]

Friday the thirteenth…

… is supposed to be bad luck. So far, not so bad, though. I’m having a boring but succesful day at work (Edison’s quote about 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration – he forgot the part where much of that is deadly dull), I’m leaving work very, very soon to go look at the bits of […]