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Posts from ‘June, 2007’

Friday photo

Plants are one of my favorite subjects. Pretty, ugly, wet, dry, flowers or not. I think they are all visually fascinating.

Some quick pics

Here’s a quick peek at some of the dyed wool. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to take better photos and get all caught up on the article I want to write about it. (Hah! All caught up, funny! I think maybe I might have been briefly on top of things about 5 years ago, but […]

Counting it up

Time spent in meetings and meeting related activities in the past 3 days: 33 hours Proportion of that time spent knitting: about 30% Socks finished: about 3/4 a sock, but in two different pairs. The bright stripy ones are done except for finish work, and the first jaywalker has a heel. Knitting needles broken: 1. […]

Thoughts on dyeing

This is going to be short, and alas unillustrated since darkness arrived long before I got around to photographing anything… I need a tenth-gram scale. And I need a source of hot water closer than the bathtub. And I need a heat source other than the kitchen stove. Picture me running around all afternoon carrying […]

Friday Night Fever

The Connecticut trip was partly unproductive. I wanted to locate some old research notes, but apparently they no longer exist. I found all sorts of tangential information, but not what I was looking for: the letter from 1967 that accompanied the data sheets, other data and research notes from the same time period, and even […]

Friday Photos

Wasn’t it just Friday? According to the calendar we’re here again, and there’s been no string news all week. Sorry! I’m full of great plans, but what with the traveling and all, everything has stayed in the planning stage. I’ve done a bit of spinning, and worked on the never-ending second sock, and some reading, […]

On the road…

Sorry, no great update. I’m here with them: looking for something that probably doesn’t exist, and I haven’t had time to write. Or knit, or anything else like that.

Friday Photos

My favorite cow: She wanted to help so badly! This is the green time of year at my house. The first flush of spring blooms is over. The spring plants are relaxing and taking a well-earned break, and the summer bloomers are resting up for their big day. This time of year, everything digs in […]

Welcome to my dye studio

I always thought those movie depictions of science labs with flasks full of colored liquids were pretty silly, but this is where I spent the evening: I guess I need some flasks. And maybe a bunsen burner. Just for the effect, you know. There’s an outside water faucet, a convenient table, and it doesn’t matter […]

Getting ready to dye…

I was thinking yesterday about my approach to things… art, life, work… pretty much everything. You could probably sum it all up as “science in service of art”. Art is the goal, but fuzzy-wuzzy inspiration and a good dose of trial and error can only get you so far. The science is necessary as well, […]