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Bored? No longer!

I’ve mentioned here before that the Metropolitan Museum of Art is making out-of-print publications available online. They keep adding nifty new things, and are up to 371. There’s something there for everyone, from armor to Chinese painting and modern art. But for you, my stringy friends, here are some of the most relevant: Textiles of […]

Spring and string

The snowdrops have been blooming for a couple weeks, and I saw the first tips of crocus on Wednesday, fittingly. Now if it would just stop snowing… An article yesterday talks about a well-preserved tunic that has melted out of a glacier in Norway: A pre-Viking woollen tunic found beside a thawing glacier in south […]

So many things

First and most exciting: Ancient Textiles, Modern Science is available for pre-order from Oxbow Books/David Brown Books (here’s the UK link). The European Textile Forum was founded as an annual meeting for academics, craftspeople, re-enactors and enthusiasts to share their experiences and compare notes. With varied day workshops and evening lectures, the ‘Textilforum’ has something […]

Fiber, science, fiction

For those of you interested in science fiction, I have a short essay on fabric and worldbuilding at Science in My Fiction today.

More nettles

Thora mentioned the lack of scale on the nettle image from yesterday’s article, so I tracked down the original Nature Scientific Reports publication. It turns out that it is open access, so you all can enjoy it. There’s some neat information and nice images, with proper scale bars. Thanks for the impetus, Thora.

Bronze Age nettle cloth

Imported, no less, according to a nifty new analysis method. And there’s even a nice picture.