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A change in perspective

Sometimes all you need is a change in perspective. I’d offered quite some time ago to spin some yarn for a friend who knits, in exchange for barter to be determined later (always fun, with the right kind of person). At the time, I’d been doing a lot of wheel spinning, and so my mental […]


Thursday morning I set off for the Poconos. It’s about a three-hour drive, through lovely rural Pennsylvania (on an interstate, but rural despite that), through hills and farmland, and through some peak fall colors. The weather was lovely, and the trees were gorgeous. I could trace the topography in the colors: green in the valleys, […]

Still life with tomatoes and manuscript

Bread, cheese (in wax!), fresh basil, and the very first of the tomatoes! Of the fancy heirloom tomatoes, the Flamme wins the prize for earliest. The Sioux did not thrive, and won’t produce any fruit. We’ll see about the other two. Even the volunteer black cherry tomatoes didn’t start to ripen until this week. They […]


You’re in luck!!! I wrote a very long post early this morning about the excessively long and complicated day I had yesterday, punctuated by phrases like “11-hour work day” and “cumulative distribution function” and “vacuuming the couch”, and conspicuously lacking words like “knitting” or “yarn” or “beer”. But no sooner did I get it written […]


The bad news: I’m on the waitlist for SOAR. The good news (I hope): I’m not very far down on the waitlist, so hopefully I still get to go. Not that I want other people to cancel, but… I have plans, you know!

Desert Sheepies

I did all sorts of things this weekend. Some, like repairing the screen door or cleaning the kitchen cupboards, just aren’t that interesting to blog about, so I’ll just skip to the good stuff. Several days of sun were predicted, so I hauled out the wool stash. I have three fleeces, and we won’t talk […]

Problem solved

Laura and I are going to Complex Weavers in Tampa, FL this summer. Peter Collingwood is the guest of honor – you know I’ll be there! That was the easy part. But Convergence is right before it, also in Tampa, and I’ve been debating whether to go to the giant weaving conference as well as […]

Invisible cheese

Today was a day for doing stuff. I cleaned the house. (And by “cleaned”, please realize that I mean that the house is no longer scary and coated with dog fur, rather than that any particular room is actually clean by any standards including my own. Mom, please pretend you skipped this bit.) I spun […]

So soft!

Have you ever met a skein of yarn you wanted to sleep with? Or to carry with you at all times so that you could pet it frequently? So soft that you’d like to keep it as a pet? I’ve actually succeeded in making one of those! Well, sort of – it isn’t anywhere near […]


I would like to report that 15-hour workdays are conducive neither to blogging nor playing with string. So, nothing new. I haven’t even gotten everything put away from Pennsic yet, although Nick was very helpful and did all the laundry and put away many things. I’m very tired, haven’t been home, and haven’t been able […]