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In the midst of chaos

Tomorrow is the last business day of the year for those who work for the US government. I’m not done with 2012 yet. I’ll be back in FY2013, with a bit more time for blogging and fiber arts. For a while anyway. I hope. Also with tales of Complex Weavers and other good things. Meanwhile… […]

As high as an elephant’s eye

This is not safe for work, nor is it the John Hiatt song I’d intended to post. But. Well. Sometimes these things just happen.

Highly relevant information

Between the post office, national research programs, the quirks of training robots, and an outbreak of zombies, I’m still swamped. But I still save you goodies, just so you know I haven’t forgotten you. Thematic but medieval cartoons. This was yesterday. That’s a warm, early bed, but yesterday was February 13. A list of obsolete […]

Holiday cheer

Merry Christmas everyone! (via matociquala) You might also like Christmas in space. I hope those of you who celebrate Christmas have a lovely day, with the food you love and the people you love. I wish the same for those of you who do not celebrate Christmas: why should love be restricted to one day […]

Running out of days

It’s getting very hard to narrow down the musical selections. But how about some Japanese pop music today? Time to bake the pies!


(Science on the other side. Also giant robots.)

Solstice greetings

Clear and sunny today, if cold, a lovely solstice morning. The days will be getting longer from here, which I find reassuring. That doesn’t exactly solve the problem since January and February are notoriously gray. Weeks with no sunlight don’t thrill me regardless of how long the days are. I’d still rather live here than […]

Holiday spirits

By which I mean I made rumballs for the first time this weekend. Whyever did I not make those before? Gingersnaps work beautifully for the base. Spicy boozy goodness! Terri Windling is doing a series on her blog on desks: artists, writers, famous, little-known–they’re all there, and it’s fascinating. I love Christmas music, but only […]

New music

Nick and I went shopping on Saturday afternoon. It felt like we visited every retail establishment in town, though of course that’s impossible. You should see the awesome Viking mittens I got at TJ Maxx – leather with fur cuffs! Our first stop, though, was Goodwill, home of random things that can be made into […]