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Working on New Year’s Eve? All by yourself in the office? Here are some things that might keep you from getting too bored. The UK has put images of all publicly-owned paintings online, all 212,000 of them. Here’s the search. How Grendel Stole Christmas. Evidence for Viking-era hemp in Norway. A spindle typology, with pictures. […]

A new oath

I swear to serve the Kingdom, the Society, and the Arts to the best of my ability, now and always. Let me back up a step. This weekend was Fiber, Fabric and Fighting (and other things that start with F), an SCA event I helped start ten years ago. This is an SCA story, and […]

The wonderful and the ugly

The intersection between fiber arts and science (don’t forget the hovertext): Also interesting: new research on the Bayeux Tapestry. I’d like to read the original, as I’m not certain how deciding that the work was made by professional embroiderers means that it wasn’t made by nuns, or at several locations. [Doh! Added the link.] But […]


“Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!” Meet Trygvi. (Trygvi: from the Old Norse word for faithful, essentially the Viking version of Fido.) He’s a year-old boxer mix, more or less. He’s a rescue, so we don’t really know, but that’s what the vet thinks. We’ve had him for two and a half […]


Having survived the six weeks of March, I’m now slowly digging out from everything else that accumulated while I was frantically writing things. Some of those things are very much worth sharing with all of you. Are you getting a tax refund? Let me help you spend it. These two new books look lovely. Textiles […]

Highly relevant information

Between the post office, national research programs, the quirks of training robots, and an outbreak of zombies, I’m still swamped. But I still save you goodies, just so you know I haven’t forgotten you. Thematic but medieval cartoons. This was yesterday. That’s a warm, early bed, but yesterday was February 13. A list of obsolete […]

From silk to ships

All kinds of things going on around here. But those will have to wait a bit: today is for weblink catch-up. Silk science is hot. Recent news releases include transgenic silkworms that spin spider silk, and using silk as a framework for growing new heart cells. Chris Petty is doing a PhD dissertation on warp-weighted […]

York goodies

The York Archaeological Trust, publisher of many excellent resources on Anglo-Scandinavian and medieval finds, has very generously made part of their back catalog available for free download. I’m very excited by this, as many of their books have been out of print for decades. I’m hoping that this is a trial program, and that if […]


Katrin posted some information on an Austrian find that includes textiles and even underwear. Renovations at Schloss Lengberg found all kinds of things stuffed inside a wall (actually a spandrel). There’s a brief write-up on the textiles in German (Google English translation) and a German PDF with more pictures. And now, if you’ll excuse me, […]

Medieval life

I got this from matociquala quite some time ago, and yet didn’t get it posted. They got a lot of things right; I only saw one thing that make me cringe. This article suggests that codpieces were a medical as well as fashion statement. It sounds like a “just so story” to me, but it […]