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Weaving 101: Revision

Apparently there are some problems with the warping section of my Weaving 101 series. I’ve gone back through and edited it; I hope this helps. It’s the job of an introductory tutorial to introduce and teach, and I’m quite willing to work through bits that aren’t clear. I can’t do anything about the speed at […]

Friday photos

Today, for your viewing pleasure, a pair of flowers: goatsbeard, and a raspberry (or maybe blackberry). but no string. I’ve been knitting on the never-ending Jaywalkers, and doing some swatching for a tank top (think I’ve got it figured out!), and planning the weaving project for the Gotland yarn, but none of those are either […]

Friday Photos

I can’t decide, so you get two, both summer flowers. I looked longingly at some of the icy ones (though I wasn’t so pleased when I took them), but decided that I would save them for a more seasonally-appropriate time. Happy news – I finished the project due Tuesday on Thursday, the project due in […]

Friday photo

Plants are one of my favorite subjects. Pretty, ugly, wet, dry, flowers or not. I think they are all visually fascinating.

Friday Photos

Wasn’t it just Friday? According to the calendar we’re here again, and there’s been no string news all week. Sorry! I’m full of great plans, but what with the traveling and all, everything has stayed in the planning stage. I’ve done a bit of spinning, and worked on the never-ending second sock, and some reading, […]

Friday Photos

My favorite cow: She wanted to help so badly! This is the green time of year at my house. The first flush of spring blooms is over. The spring plants are relaxing and taking a well-earned break, and the summer bloomers are resting up for their big day. This time of year, everything digs in […]

Friday Photos

I take zillions of photos at work for various work-related purposes. (No really, it doesn’t have anything to do with my enjoyment of photography.) If you take enough pictures, some of them will turn out very nice. That’s the advantage of a digital camera – I don’t have to pay anything extra for the few […]