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So cute

You all realize you’re in for a seemingly-endless stream of garden photos, right? There’s also string: the gallery show at Peters Valley Craft Center is available online (and catalog). There’s still time to sign up for my class, too.


I made every last one of my major spring deadlines, both planned and unexpected. (A few minor ones slipped, but let’s not talk about that.) Here’s one: These sprang bags went in the mail to Peters Valley Craft Center yesterday. I’m teaching a sprang and tablet weaving class there at the end of June (you […]

Teaching dates

Got some time this summer? Want to play with string? Have I got things for you! Registration is now open for Peters Valley Craft Center’s summer workshops. I asked if I could come back outside of hurricane season, so I could experience the joys of having power and running water. I’m teaching a combined tablet […]

Catch-up day

We decided not to go to Buffalo this weekend and I’m glad. I’ll miss seeing people, but there was nothing I had to be there for, and I have a lot to do at home. For one thing, I finished last weekend’s todo list, except that I still haven’t been to the grocery store. Still […]

Continuing last weekend

Today is chill and raining, but I have photos from last weekend for you. Only a week behind – pretty good, given my recent track record. Not that you would know, dear reader, because you can’t see the half-written posts with photos from months ago that I still intend to finish… Complete with eastern tent […]

Sprang sashes

This past fall I was approached by an 18th-c. reenactor about the military sashes worn during the American War for Independence. Many of the famous portraits of George Washington show him wearing this sort of sash. It’s common knowledge among textile geeks that these are sprang, as described in various places including Peter Collingwood’s Techniques […]