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A day to myself

Ah… a Saturday at home alone. Nick is off doing SCA stuff, and I’m here doing… whatever I want! After a lazy morning, I put on Amanda Palmer‘s new album, and set to it. I’ve cleaned the kitchen and put away all the crap in the dining room so I can do some sewing. I […]

In pursuit of color

Despite my hopes, I did not get to spend the day dyeing fiber. We were out of dog food, needed groceries, had to go to the bank, the hardware. None of those were compatible with anything I wanted to do, yet all needed done. I did get the dyeing prepwork done. Those are all 1% […]

A year and a day

How the furry boys spent the holiday: Much like they spend every other day, really. (The photos are a bit fuzzy – flash might have disturbed the napping.) How I spent the day: Stringpage Supplies has been a going business for a year and a day, having started up on 1 September 2007 (legally, though […]

Blogging in the kitchen

No, not about food. Why would you think that? I’m dyeing some cotton, and since it’s at the stage where it needs to be stirred almost continuously, I brought the laptop in the kitchen to keep me company while I stir. Don’t worry, not next to the dyebath – I’m pretty sure that fiber reactive […]


First I decided that I wasn’t going to mess with acid dyes on silk anymore because I was having such problems. But I like using acid dyes more than fiber reactive dyes, and I’m getting excellent results on wool, so I thought I’d try one more time. I’m getting good color depth, finally, (even in […]

Indigo results

Indigo process will have to wait for another post, but here are some of the indigo results, now that everything has aired, and rinsed, and had time to dry. Wool is easy, and the couple of skeins I threw in came out very nicely, not that you can really tell from this picture. Dark, even, […]

String and things for string

Whirlwind update with something for everyone. I’ve been collecting photos and not posting them, so here’s a catch-up photo essay. I have a new reel, complete with rotation counter, courtesy of Nick. It spins beatifully, although the counter-post is going to need some work. The furniture fairies (aka Nick’s parents) brought us some things last […]

Quick Pic

Volunteering in my courtyard: And a quick update: the new spring sock yarn is now available at my Etsy site. If you buy some, then I can buy more blanks and do more dyeing. I was asked about the weaving cards… they aren’t listed yet, as I wanted to get a couple more things worked […]

Socks and science

But not, I’m afraid, the science of socks. I have finally finished something. Hooray. These are from sock yarn I dyed – important to make a trial pair up so I can show what they look like. The ankle and top of the foot are in a k2-p2 ribbing that’s staggered one stitch with every […]

Further adventures in the dye studio

Remember last summer’s evil gypsy moths? They hatched last week, and I was bombarded with (non-wool-eating but nonetheless horrible) baby caterpillars while I was working in the dye studio. Tiny, but voracious. They will be growing rapidly, and eating everything they can get their little mandibles on, most especially oak trees. They aren’t as fond […]