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Well then

That was helpful, not that I give myself any credit for it. Although it’s likely that some of the five hundred or so people who visited one of my sites yesterday didn’t know much about SOPA/PIPA, and maybe they clicked on the EFF link and learned something. But you know industry’s concerns about the internet […]

Don’t be alarmed

If this site, in its entirety, is down tomorrow. SOPA and PIPA are utterly appalling pieces of potential US legislation, and would likely destroy the internet as a community. Not that I expect my tiny participation in tomorrow’s blackout campaign to have any effect, but I want to add my support. The internet has been […]

Good old USA

This sucks. Canadian science fiction author Peter Watts was stopped by US Border Patrol agents on his way out of the US, beaten up, detained, all his things confiscated, then kicked out. In shirtsleeves. In December. In Ontario. And he’s been charged with assault too. Many people have discussion and commentary, including Peter himself. People […]

A couple of unrelated links

A couple of completely unrelated things found online… Melissa Etheridge weighs in on the passing of Prop 8 in California. I read this interview with artist Lisa Snellings-Clark when it first came out, but one part stuck in my head, and I have to share. Lisa said: “Jane Frank gave me a great piece of […]

Best thing I’ve heard in months

“… a world was connected by our own science and imagination.” – President-elect Barack Obama


I don’t expect anyone is surprised, nor do I think that my choice of Presidential candidates is likely to be a secret. (If anyone is somehow unsure, I agree with John Scalzi, but he said it more eloquently, and at greater length.) I waited nearly an hour, first thing this morning. Knitting, and doing some […]

Can’t stand it

When I started blogging, I decided that my main goal was to talk about string, books and plants (see header), and that in order to avoid driving away people who are interested in those topics but may hold divergent views on other issues, I would not discuss religion or politics. I do talk about science […]