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Everything you suspected

Everything you suspected about what government employees do on those pesky federal holidays is true. We laze around in our jammies, performing unnatural acts. See?

Tuesday morning

Morgan and I are doing a bit of blogging this morning. (taken from the netbook’s camera to demonstrate the general way in which Morgan is helping) It’s 28F warmer than yesterday morning, but still cold enough that the cat wants to spend all his time glued to me and I’m having a hard time getting […]

Caterpillar NOM

My mother sent the dog and cat a holiday package (the grandcritters!) and as always we opened it on Christmas morning. Morgan got his toy first, while the dog was out in the yard: a stripy stuffed caterpillar that is the best thing ever. The Ferocious Monster finally demonstrates the truth of his name for […]

Live from the Pink Shamrock

This is very important. Please pay careful attention. This is not my cat. Neither of these are my cat. This is my cat, the one and only Ferocious Monster. Are we clear now? The ones in Pittsburgh are not Morgan. The one in Toronto is not Morgan. The one in Chicago is not Morgan, nor […]


At long last: That photo shows the most accurate color, but this isn’t bad. And I do like the lighting in this third shot. The black tulips are lovely but hard to photograph well. For images, the white tulips stole the show. I didn’t do a whole lot this weekend. The cold I’d been fighting […]

Snow turns into ice

After a few warmish days, my house looks like this. It is kind of pretty, but not so good for my gutters. Some of you admired the snow-cake on the patio table. Well, it proved to be too much for the poor old thing. Nick had that table before I started dating him, so it’s […]


My dog is dual-coated! (Click for bigger.) See the tog and thel? Okay, not really, exactly, quite. But it’s a neat photo. In other news, Ernest Shackleton’s whiskey has been recovered from the Antarctic. Apparently some of the bottles are still intact. In other other news, it’s snowing.

Start here

It is both Monday and February, and I’m not entirely certain how I feel about either of those things. Neither is Morgan (still the number one Ferocious Monster [Yes, I mention that periodically. Sorry if you are bored, but I find it a fascinating example of the quirkiness of search engine results.]). But here, have […]

Monday, Monday

It was hard to get out of bed this morning: gray, wet, dreary. I had a dog draped across my ankles, and a cat on my chest. Nick suggested I might suddenly develop a horrid 24-hour bug. For all I got done at work today I might as well have stayed home. Paperwork, filing, email: […]


I don’t have the plugins fixed. I don’t have the LJ Cross-posting working. But I do have photographic evidence of snow.