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Dinner in July

Hummus and harissa, summer staples. Put a dozen dried red peppers in a heatproof bowl and cover them with boiling water. Ignore for half an hour. Track down your tahini, a bunch of fresh parsley (or dried, if it isn’t in season), garlic (no alternative to fresh here), ground coriander, cumin, caraway (any or all […]

Digging out

I’m slowly getting through all the stuff that accumulated over the last six weeks. The piles of paper are diminishing, all the immediate crises have been averted, I’ve made a small clean spot in the office and uncovered half the desk! (The other half has novel manuscript pages on it, and is exempt from regular […]

A veritable feast

The New Year started like this (and apologies to those who’ve seen this, but photos of dawn on 1/1 are rather indistinguishable). It continued with a great deal of cooking and eating. We’ve gotten together with Lynn and Charlie very nearly every New Year’s Day that we’ve been in the same state. This was the […]

Holiday spirits

By which I mean I made rumballs for the first time this weekend. Whyever did I not make those before? Gingersnaps work beautifully for the base. Spicy boozy goodness! Terri Windling is doing a series on her blog on desks: artists, writers, famous, little-known–they’re all there, and it’s fascinating. I love Christmas music, but only […]

Pancake Extravaganza

When my brother Nate was in elementary school, his class learned how to make what the teacher called “Dutch mini-pancakes”. He thinks maybe fourth grade, but is no longer sure exactly when or why they learned this. These Dutch mini-pancakes were a great favorite for a while, but I’d completely forgotten about them until I […]

Rainbow of tomatoes on the table

It was a hot sweaty week at Pennsic. The new day-long artisan’s row setup was great for informal discussion and hands-on instruction. I spent a lot of time teaching, about 20 hours of weaving and dyeing and geomancy and plant identification. My vacations never seem to be restful and relaxing, but if they were I’d […]


My brother Nathan is quite a bit younger than I am – enough so that when I moved out of the house for college he was also shorter than me. Not so any more. (Nick is the shorter one, and he’s not actually short.) It was rather interesting seeing Nathan once or twice a year, […]

Friday photos

In the spirit of the Friday photo post, here are a few images from the past week or so. First, the obligatory Pennsic shots… … followed by the post-Pennsic cleanup, or obstruction thereof. (Yes, that’s the ferocious monster himself, still at number one!) Far from having time to recover and unpack, I dove right back […]


Ghirardelli Grand Fudge Cake. It’s a cocoa-based recipe, for those lazy cake-baking days. I’ve relied on it for years – good basicchocolate cake.


Hi, Wednesday! Wasn’t it just Sunday? Weren’t there supposed to be other days here somewhere? Hm. We’ve joined a CSA this year – a subscription plan with weekly boxes of veggies from a local farm. Yum! Each box comes with a certain quota of things that Nick won’t eat. There aren’t many veggies that I […]