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Digging out: a new perspective

We had July weather in March, but April 23rd looks like this. This is a problem. Flowers are blooming. And the trees are in full leaf. Some places got a lot more snow, and associated power outages. We haven’t had a big snowstorm since October. When, yes, the leaves were on the trees. I got […]

Can’t stand it

When I started blogging, I decided that my main goal was to talk about string, books and plants (see header), and that in order to avoid driving away people who are interested in those topics but may hold divergent views on other issues, I would not discuss religion or politics. I do talk about science […]

Happy New Year!

No, I’ve not converted to Judaism; today is the first day of the US government 2009 fiscal year. And I get to go to work this morning. Funding for my lab is not immediately disappearing, though it is not completely secure since there is no Federal budget and we’re on a continuing resolution until March […]

Community change

Plan C 5.0: Community Solutions to Climate Change and Peak Oil By RYAN HOTTLE Relocalization—the process of creating sustainable and largely self-reliant communities that are all at once beautiful, prosperous, and meaningful places to live—is perhaps the single greatest step we can take to “decarbonize” our lives and thereby prepare for climate change and peak […]