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Interweave has a bunch of stuff on sale for President’s Day, including the Weaver’s Inkle Pattern Directory at $5. I’ve had an e-copy for a while (weaving patterns on the iPad; very convenient), but jumped at the chance to complement it with a physical copy. I bought two; one will show up in the FFF […]

Research resources

I’m pretty sure that I’ve mentioned here before that the Metropolitan Museum of Art has made its back publications catalog freely available online. Now the J. Paul Getty Museum has done the same thing. So many nifty things to read about!

Read me

Bored? Need something to read? I’ve got you covered. From Katrin, by way of Laura (thank you! I’m so behind on reading blogs right now.): free access to a whole bunch of German academic books through the end of August. If you find something interesting, please leave a comment: my poor German and I don’t […]

Bored? No longer!

I’ve mentioned here before that the Metropolitan Museum of Art is making out-of-print publications available online. They keep adding nifty new things, and are up to 371. There’s something there for everyone, from armor to Chinese painting and modern art. But for you, my stringy friends, here are some of the most relevant: Textiles of […]

Bad influence

The Interweave Hurt Book Sale is going on right now, but not for much longer.

Textile Research

Time and again I go searching for textile history information and end up on Thora’s annotated bibliographies. Or, if you’re not in the SCA, Carolyn Priest-Dorman’s annotated bibliographies. Thank you, Thora! You’ve pointed me toward any number of resources I never would have found on my own. And now, I’m off to the library to […]


Having survived the six weeks of March, I’m now slowly digging out from everything else that accumulated while I was frantically writing things. Some of those things are very much worth sharing with all of you. Are you getting a tax refund? Let me help you spend it. These two new books look lovely. Textiles […]

York goodies

The York Archaeological Trust, publisher of many excellent resources on Anglo-Scandinavian and medieval finds, has very generously made part of their back catalog available for free download. I’m very excited by this, as many of their books have been out of print for decades. I’m hoping that this is a trial program, and that if […]


I was in New Hampshire most of last week for work [now the week before last!]. Work looks a lot like this: We worked a couple of 13-hour days in torrential pollen and got home a day early. Everyone was happy to see me. After an intense week I was ready to relax a bit, […]

Public Service Announcement

The sun is out for the fourth day in a row. I’m liking March so far. Sunlight, warmth… my mood is so much better. I would probably even have snowdrops, if they weren’t under here. The front flowerbed is by the front walk so that it can be admired several times a day. But it’s […]