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Guns and ships

Spies! Shipwrecks! Crown jewels! And a yellow silk dress… From the inestimable Sara Lamb: “A master craftsman is not one who makes no mistakes, a master is one who can repair mistakes so no one else knows they happened.”

Moving right along

The Archaeological Textiles group has the rudiments of a website now. If you are interested, please head over there to get information on how to sign up for the email list. While some parts of the study group will be restricted to Complex Weavers members, the email list is open to all. Our first plans […]

Smell like a Viking

York Visitor Centre created a Viking-scented body spray. No really: I’m not making this up, and it isn’t April 1. Mead, blood, smoke, seawater and so much more. Not only that, you can get a Smell-o-vision travel guide. I’m… amazed. Or something. I wonder how I can find a decant of the body spray for […]

Odds and ends

A link I’ve been meaning to pass along: samples of 18th century dyed felt. Pretty! Instead of doing fiber arts (or rather, fiber arts I can talk about), I’ve been learning how to do some photo manipulation. I have a lot to learn, but I’m having fun. Actually, that’s not entirely true: I have been […]

Research resources

I’m pretty sure that I’ve mentioned here before that the Metropolitan Museum of Art has made its back publications catalog freely available online. Now the J. Paul Getty Museum has done the same thing. So many nifty things to read about!


Working on New Year’s Eve? All by yourself in the office? Here are some things that might keep you from getting too bored. The UK has put images of all publicly-owned paintings online, all 212,000 of them. Here’s the search. How Grendel Stole Christmas. Evidence for Viking-era hemp in Norway. A spindle typology, with pictures. […]

A good week for the arts

Sometimes living in a college town is pretty good (remind me of that next home football game, would you). This week we saw Pilobolus Dance Troupe on Tuesday, and Bruce Springsteen on Thursday. You might not think they had anything in common, but both were wonderful high-energy shows. I hadn’t seen Pilobolus since I was […]

As for gases

Administrative tasks expand to fill the available space. Despite the long weekend, I’ve neither written nor woven. Many other things are done, though, or at least well-begun. [Oh look… the upgrade mucked up the categories. Hm. Will fix that at some point, I suppose.] I thought you all might like this article on crocheted clouds. […]