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A new oath

I swear to serve the Kingdom, the Society, and the Arts to the best of my ability, now and always. Let me back up a step. This weekend was Fiber, Fabric and Fighting (and other things that start with F), an SCA event I helped start ten years ago. This is an SCA story, and […]


You know the weather has turned when faceless-cat appears. Noses must be protected, you know. I made some stitch markers the other evening. One set is for me, the others are gifts (for knitters who do not read my blog). They are artfully posed on the second sleeve of my cardigan. I still don’t expect […]

The bloggy thing

The LJ Crossposter decided that a subset of my archive should be sent over to LiveJournal. That was kind of odd, so I just sent the rest of the archive. My entire back catalog, such as it is, should now appear on LJ as well as String Notes. (I still maintain that String Notes is […]

The famous exploded knife

If you are prone to having problems with exploding meat, you are likely to develop a close relationship with a knifemaker who can repair the aftereffects. Let me back up a step. I have never exploded meat. Other things maybe, but we won’t talk about that right now. Regular readers might remember me mentioning a […]