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A New Year’s success??

I just might have fixed the LiveJournal Crossposting, which would make me incredibly happy. I’ve wasted a great deal of time futzing with it, mostly because not having a functioning crossposter makes it impossible for me to have posts written in advance and posted to LJ as well as here. If this works, I will […]


A tale of my evening: hot cross buns and a new toy. Haven’t tried the buns yet, but they look good and smell better. I failed completely at the “cross” bit of the project, but the “hot” part did work. As for the new computer, shiny! I adore my netbook, but I can already tell […]


While I have it on good authority that five things make a post, I only have three. 1. I have tickets for Coraline tonight (official website not working for me right now). Go see it. In 3D if at all possible. Go. Now. The other two things will be here when you get back. 2. […]


I’ve fallen in with a bad crowd. You know the type – a roving gang of internet thugs, hanging around in dark alleys, skipping school, smoking under that big tree out back. Enticing people to hang out with them, and to waste lots of time messing about online. Yes, it’s true: I’ve joined Facebook. And […]

A technical note

I’m being inundated by spam for the last week or so. Akismet does a great job, but there are more coming in than I can easily skim for false positives. (Who has time to read 600 spams a day?) So if you’ve left a comment and it hasn’t appeared, it isn’t you. I’ve never intentionally […]

Big numbers

The northeastern United States: 12 states 299 counties 589525180 30m x 30m grid cells My not-so-new computer isn’t very happy with me right now.

The bloggy thing

The LJ Crossposter decided that a subset of my archive should be sent over to LiveJournal. That was kind of odd, so I just sent the rest of the archive. My entire back catalog, such as it is, should now appear on LJ as well as String Notes. (I still maintain that String Notes is […]


I like geek-toys. Software, gadgets, you name it. But I like them to have some purpose, not just be shiny for the sake of being shiny. I’m sure part of it is that it’s more fun to play with new tools than to use them, at least for me, and another fraction of it is […]

Minor technical matters

Instead of, oh, showering and dressing and going to work, I’ve been playing with WordPress. Because, you know, I have so much free time right now. I hope you will be pleased with the minor updates. It is now possible to subscribe to comments after you leave one. Not that there have been many comment-flurries, […]

True confessions of a scientist

This is a string blog, so I try fairly hard not to talk about work here. Still, I think anyone who reads this regularly would agree that I work very hard sometimes. It may not be so obvious that I work reasonably hard most of the time, though I do. (And sometimes I’m a complete […]