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Quick pick-me-up

Today is a glum rainy day here in central Pennsylvania, and it’s a glum day for many in the US who didn’t get their taxes done early, so here are some bright cheery photos from a couple weeks ago. I took them as a break from doing my own taxes, so it seems proper to […]



It was 72F today. I live in Pennsylvania. It is the first week of March. The previous record was 65F. Today beat the record by seven degrees. I was lured outside by the weather. It’s too early and too wet yet to do much in the yard and garden, but I cleaned up the front […]


A week ago I saw the first tiny snowdrop shoot. Hooray! By Saturday afternoon, it had many companions. The little green shoots continued to emerge, but it was a bit hard to tell in Wednesday’s sleet. And this morning? They’re under there somewhere. I hope.

You had the words, now see the pictures

My mom’s cute little condo, with plants in the windowboxes, and plants inside. The Xena kitty, and her brother Sammy. The family gathering, to celebrate both the holiday and my grandfather’s birthday. Loom photos next time!


Baking and the associated dishwashing were not my only activities today. There was quite a lot of coffee-drinking and snow-watching as well, seasoned by a large dose of A few more active endeavors: I can easily get to my bookshelf for the first time in the past year. Business stuff in big plastic bins […]


Though my world looks like this: the valiant petunias are still clinging to life. Looking a bit ragged, but still green and with flowers. Those petunias are tough.


Yep, that’s snow. (And Jess, that’s also the new Creamery, as seen from my office window.) Oddly, the petunias are still blooming; this was taken this morning as I left for work.

Hard frost

We got a hard frost Saturday night, and that was it for the tomatoes. Also the basil. I’d gotten most of the tomatoes off, but didn’t pick the last of the basil. It was 80F last week; I wasn’t expecting everything to go away quite so quickly. We finally closed the windows, but haven’t turned […]

Autumn Gardens

This is what I rose to early this morning. My sofa faces the east-looking livingroom window. I watched the clouds change colors and positions, and finally fade, accompanied by the crunch of my breakfast cereal. It occurred to me earlier this week that I’m wildly excited by the first flowers of spring, and overwhelmed by […]