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Remember my bowl of wild grapes, harvested from the rose corner? The juice spent some time in the freezer, but finally became a very small dish of not-quite-gelled-enough grape jelly. It maybe more like heavy syrup than jelly, but it tastes awfully good. Still, I pruned all the vines out of the rosebushes. It was […]

Do not open until spring

The weather has been just gorgeous here, sunny and close to 70 for the past couple of days. I spent yesterday afternoon outside, and finally got my new tulips planted. I visited a flower market in Amsterdam, and was astounded by the variety and abundance. Truly, I was astounded by the plants everywhere, from parks […]

This is gonna hurt

Wednesday morning. Friday morning (today). We got far too many inches of slushy wet snow. It started falling late-morning yesterday and continued through the night. Branches are down everywhere, and power was out in much of town. It went off at my house Even the National Weather Service said, effectively, “We know the snow is […]

Hey, look at that!

Anyone who’s been reading here for a while knows that I’ve gotten fairly confident with my ability to dye wool, but have been struggling with silk, due primarily to my very, very hard water. It comes out uneven, bad enough, but it also bleeds, which is horrid. And completely unacceptable. I tried everything I could […]

Back in Place

There’s always a settling-in process after a long trip, especially one with a substantial time difference. You need to unpack, return things to their proper places, catch up on sleep, see what has changed or not while you were gone. There’s always a sense of displacement: some things are the same but you feel they […]

Lazy Sunday

It’s a lovely lazy Sunday here in central Pennsylvania. The heat has broken – it’s warm and sunny, but no longer so hot and humid that I think I might melt if I do more than lay on the couch. I woke up this morning with a headache, so I went back to bed for […]

Three things

I’ve spent most of the week here, and will be returning shortly. Regular updates shall resume once I recover from the Middle Ages. My mother’s birthday present was off the loom, fringed, washed and mailed in time to arrive before her birthday. This is nothing short of miraculous, I’ll have you know. She claims to […]


This time of year, everything grows on it’s own, and I can’t even keep up with it. I have an entire pot full of volunteer wild pansies. The pea plants are doing quite well, despite the tiny patch (and lack of stakes). Balance requires some shrinkage elsewhere, don’t you think?

Friday photos

I’ve been taking lots of photos, spring flowers especially. Those photos have been sitting idle on my camera’s memory card, twiddling their thumbs, just waiting for their turn. Impatiently. Even this one, the most graceful and loveliest poison ivy plant I’ve ever seen. (Not mine; it was spotted in a local park.) And healthy too: […]

Busy day in the garden

Yesterday was gorgeous – sunny, warm. I know it’s going to frost again – it snowed less than two weeks ago, after all – but it is firmly spring in central Pennsylvania. I spent the day outside cleaning up the yard and getting ready for summer. I love gardening this time of year. Not only […]