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Rainbow of tomatoes on the table

It was a hot sweaty week at Pennsic. The new day-long artisan’s row setup was great for informal discussion and hands-on instruction. I spent a lot of time teaching, about 20 hours of weaving and dyeing and geomancy and plant identification. My vacations never seem to be restful and relaxing, but if they were I’d […]


So much going on in the garden… tomatoes, flowers, herbs. Even the odd strawberry: when the nursery said “everbearing” apparently they meant it. The peppers turned out to be pleasingly hot. I briefly regretted eating one whole and raw at lunchtime, but they will be fabulous for cooking. One of the wonderful things about my […]

Cooking, Photography, Art

I have little green tomatos! And strawberries! And the black raspberries are starting to shade into pink. I’m also in the midst of a five-week string of houseguests, and a couple of very large deadlines. And Complex Weavers is Real Soon Now. (Yay, but yikes!) I keep finding fun things to share with you all, […]

A rainbow of tomatoes

It may have snowed less than three weeks ago, but late May is the time for tomatoes – cross your fingers for me, okay? I went out to Tait Farm last week for my plants. I like the idea of starting my own seeds, but I’ve never had good luck with them, and the cat […]


I was over at a friend’s house last night, for food and drink and conversation. I always take a project since I get fidgetty without something to occupy my hands. Last night it was spinning, since I still hadn’t done anything with the spindle I brought back from the Netherlands. I didn’t take enough wool […]


At long last: That photo shows the most accurate color, but this isn’t bad. And I do like the lighting in this third shot. The black tulips are lovely but hard to photograph well. For images, the white tulips stole the show. I didn’t do a whole lot this weekend. The cold I’d been fighting […]


Everyone wants to see the black tulips, but they refuse to open. Soon, I hope, but the sub-freezing nights have kept them from developing. It’s supposed to warm up considerably over the next few days. I’ll keep you posted. The black tulips are a mix of Queen of Night (single) and Black Hero (double). They’re […]

Tulip update

My mom called me to ask about the tulips. I said I’d post more photos, and that was a week ago… So I took some more yesterday. The early tulips are long gone, and the mid-season flowers are winding down. The late season tulips are just starting. We’ve had a string of cold days, so […]

So how’d I do?

No groceries, no recycling. I did this instead. Doesn’t that look like more fun? Remember when I said I had a new beginner class worked out – that’s it. Really. I planted the world’s smallest pea patch, and it still looks like I buried a corpse in my front yard. No sprouts yet, but it’s […]

Tiny Tulips

Morgan and I are celebrating the last day of winter by lounging in the courtyard. The maples and the elms have begun flowering in the last day, and I’m starting to believe that spring will truly begin tomorrow. Barring sudden March blizzards, of course. Best of all, there are tiny tulips! They were not there […]