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Things have been accumulating; let me foist them off on you. Nick thinks I need this to protect me from rampaging nightime kittens. I think it would just make things worse by adding an extra toy to the mix. Trouble-causing cats are not a new problem. My Little Queen Elizabeth I. This is nifty. Modern […]

Bringing the tropics home

I got to try something new today. This isn’t a rotten potato, or a misshapen apple. This is a pawpaw. Pawpaw trees are native to eastern North America, and are sometimes called “Kentucky bananas” (or Indiana, or Michigan, or various other geographic modifiers) for their vaguely bananoid shape. A co-worker has a tree, and when […]

Quick Photo-update

Upon being introduced to fresh figs: T: That’s odd. It doesn’t taste anything like a Fig Newton. B (source of figs): Sorry, I don’t have a Newton-tree in my yard. Maybe you had to be there… And pretty, pretty shiny fiber: And now, back to Thing 1…

A tribute to John Scalzi

John Scalzi just won a Hugo for writing about bacon online. Or something like that. Scalzi was also nominated for Best Novel, and lost by only 9 votes, but the bacon is obviously far more important. So, to honor John Scalzi for his achievements, I present to you… … bacon chocolate cheesecake. No really. (And […]

Invisible cheese

Today was a day for doing stuff. I cleaned the house. (And by “cleaned”, please realize that I mean that the house is no longer scary and coated with dog fur, rather than that any particular room is actually clean by any standards including my own. Mom, please pretend you skipped this bit.) I spun […]